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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Prisoner Litigation


Prisoners file more litigation than any other group in the United States by a wide margin. How can sheriffs and jail administrators proactively protect against prisoner litigation? The Federal Courts have rendered thousands of decisions-many of them contradictory- defining the constitutional and statutory rights of inmates. This workshop provides a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of risk management and civil liability protection. They will also be provided with a systematic plan of action to counter and diminish vulnerability to prisoner litigation.
This three-day seminar will provide in-depth reviews of cases and rulings pertaining to the latest issues facing sheriffs, jail administrators and supervisors including:
  • First, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment Issues
  • Medical and Mental Health Administrative Liabilities
  • Duty to Know and Understand the Law
  • Adoption and Implementation of Policies and Procedures
  • Providing Comprehensive Staff Training
  • Use of Force, In-Custody Deaths and Duty to Protect
  • Internal Compliance Audits
  • First Amendment Issues Involving Inmate Communication: Mail, Postcards and Rejecting Mail


Gary DeLand is the Executive Director of the Utah Sheriffs’ Association and President of DeLand and Associates, Inc. He has traveled to more than 45 states to provide legal issues and other criminal justice training. Formerly, Gary served as Commander of the Jail Division for the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Executive Director of the UT State Department of Corrections and Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Justice. He has also served as an officer for NSA’s Presidents and Executive Directors Committee and as Chair of the ACA Legal Issues Committee. DeLand is the past Editor-in-Chief and current Executive Editor of the Corrections Managers’ Report.
Carrie Hill, esq. is an attorney and criminal justice consultant. She has been actively involved in corrections since 1987. Since leaving her position as general counsel for the Utah Department of Corrections in 1992, Carrie has focused on providing training and consulting on a national level. She is former Editor of Corrections’ Managers Report and she provides corrections consulting and expert witness services individually and in association with DeLand and Associates.
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