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Boris The Burglar Guidelines



Guidelines and Procedures for Use of Logos

Each year, NSA receives dozens of requests from law enforcement agencies, criminal justice organizations, and community groups who wish to use the Boris® or USAonWatch® logo on their own materials. Please review the following guidelines on the use of the Boris® and USAonWatch® logo. If you wish to apply for permission to use the Boris® or USAonWatch® logo, you should  print and complete the application form and submit it to our Quality Review Committee. Submissions should be made via the U.S. Mail, so that examples of your work can accompany your application.

I. Use of Boris® or USAonWatch® Logo
In its role as the owner of the Boris the Burglar® (Boris®) and USAonWatch® logos, the National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) has the legal responsibility to protect its trademark, including all of its various forms and uses.

To maintain the credibility and integrity of the Boris® and USAonWatch® logos as a trademark/service mark, NSA must protect it from any intentional or misguided use. These guidelines do not give presumptive approval for the use of the character and/or name. Individual written, prior approval must be obtained by application to NSA.

NSA will rely on law enforcement officers, deputies, crime prevention practitioners, community organizations and the general public to follow these guidelines as to Boris®'s and USAonWatch®'s usage and to report any misuse or unauthorized use of the Boris® or USAonWatch® logo.

Boris the Burglar® is a national symbol. The Boris® and USAonWatch® logos are a legally protected service mark and trademark which is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; and both logos are exclusively held by the National Sheriffs' Association.
II. Conditions for Using Boris the Burglar® or USAonWatch®
The following standards explain and govern the use of the Boris® and USAonWatch® logos, name, marks, and/or slogans:
The Boris® and USAonWatch® logos are nationally recognized symbol for NSA's National Neighborhood Watch Program and must be used primarily for educational purposes in the area of crime prevention, neighborhood safety, and other crime-related issues.

Preventing burglaries and other neighborhood crimes through citizen involvement and partnerships with law enforcement is the goal of the Neighborhood Watch concept. Boris the Burglar® represents the threat of burglaries, vandalism, and other neighborhood crimes. This threat is one of the motivating factors for the formation of Neighborhood Watch groups.

The international prohibition symbol used in conjunction with Boris® denotes saying NO to the threat of burglaries, vandalism, and other neighborhood crimes embodied in the character of Boris.

Saying NO to Boris® projects a clear, positive, and constructive message, and represents a commitment to crime prevention.

The message of saying NO to Boris® encourages people to help themselves and others in their neighborhoods by engaging in target hardening and other crime prevention measures.

Saying NO to Boris® portrays a neighborhood's willingness to foster positive relationships with law enforcement, community leaders, and others through the formation of Neighborhood Watch groups.
III. Endorsements
Boris® never endorses any other person, product, program or service, and cannot be used for advertising or commercial purposes, although for-profit companies can publicly support the concept of Neighborhood Watch.

No one may manufacture for sale a product containing or featuring Boris®'s image or name unless the individual or firm is a commercial contracted licensee of NSA or unless a specific written, advance waiver has been provided by NSA.
IV. Obtaining permission on using Boris the Burglar® or USAonWatch
Use of the USAonWatch® logo requires a formal application. The following chart summarizes those uses of Boris the Burglar® that require formal application to be made to NSA. If you are considering using Boris® and your project falls under one of the categories marked "YES," complete and submit a copy of the attached application form to the following address:
Quality Review Committee (Boris the Burglar®)
National Sheriffs' Association
1450 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3490
If NSA approves your requested use of Boris, a registered trademark, you must honor all terms of the approval. Anyone who receives written permission to use the Boris logo incurs an obligation and fiduciary duty to maintain the integrity and consistency of the character. Use of Boris without approval or in an inappropriate manner may result in legal action.
(Consult this chart to see if you need prior approval to use Boris the Burglar®)

Sheriffs Office/Police Dept

Criminal Justice Agency Non-Profit Community Agency All Commercial and Others
Printed educational materials
obtained from NSA (to be localized)
No No No No
Printed educational materials: work you create Yes Yes Yes Yes
Metal road signs
manufactured locally
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business cards and letterhead No No Yes Yes
Operation ID No No Yes Yes
Public service ads Yes Yes Yes Yes


Please print out the usage application and mail with sample to:

Quality Review Committee
National Sheriffs' Association
1450 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3490

Note: NSA reserves the sole right to rescind any prior approval of a use if the User is not complying with these guidelines and the conditions for use, if any, set forth in the approval letter. By applying for permission to use Boris, you acknowledge that right, and agree to hold NSA harmless from any liability/damage in your exercise of that right in using Boris the Burglar® and/or USAonWatch®. Approval is limited to one year. Each project may be re-evaluated on an annual basis.