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Civil Liability & Prisoner Rights

Seminar Description

Prisoner-filed litigation and the claimed rights that spawn those suits remain a major issue in prisoner management. Prisoners in jails and prisons are the most litigious group in the United State and the Federal Courts the single greatest force for change in the management of correctional facilities. The courts have rendered thousands of decisions effect­ing prisoner rights – many of which conflict with the rulings of other courts and state statutes. Prisoner rights is an ever changing landscape that requires constant attention to remain current on legal requirements. And, unfortunately, those who rely on national detention standards may not be aware that those standards are not law-based or modified to include reference to the evolution of prisoner rights and litigation issues.
This course will provide instruction on the essential elements of: (1) corrections law, and (2) limiting vulnerability to pris­oner litigation. Even the most progressive sheriffs and jail officials face a daunting task to keep up with the volume of cases which are published and to understand those cases in the context of body of correctional law.

Seminar Instructors

Gary DeLand, Executive Director of the Utah Sheriffs’ Assn. and President of DeLand and Associates, Inc.
Carrie Hill, Esq., is an attorney and criminal justice consultant.
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