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Enhance your correctional facility’s communications and situational awareness, and protect staff and property, all with one company. Panasonic gives you the upper hand in first response and public safety with innovative solutions that fit virtually any application. 
Panasonic’s rugged and reliable Toughbook® mobile PCs and Toughpad™ tablets with MIL-STD designs enable correctional officers the ability to access critical information in some the harshest environments, and with 3G or 4G LTE mobile broadband, information can be communicated at a moment’s notice. In addition, password security features with optional SmartCard and fingerprint readers enable correctional facilities to safely secure their law enforcement and criminal databases through implementation of two-factor authentication.
The tamper-proof Toughbook Arbitrator 360°™ digital video system is designed to help increase officer safety, situational awareness and evidentiary integrity within correctional vehicles when transporting inmates or during work duties. Utilizing a 360° view of the vehicle’s environment, the Toughbook Arbitrator 360°provides officers with unmatched surveillance and an unbiased account of events. 
For extremely mobile video capture, officers can use Panasonic’s wearable camera to record a wide-angle view with image stabilization and correction function on playback. This enables officers to go beyond monitoring the surrounding environment and actually capture the decisions and actions made through their immediate interaction with inmates for a stronger chain of evidence.
Panasonic fixed video surveillance technologies enable correctional facilities to reduce violence, streamline investigations and save on costs, monitoring all areas of a prison while delivering high-quality images in virtually any lighting condition. With surveillance solutions available on IP, analog and hybrid platforms, Panasonic empowers correctional facilities with a high-quality force multiplier helping secure every part of their facility including housing units, segregation, dining halls, exercise yards, service facilities and parking lots. Panasonic vandal-resistant cameras are IP66-rated for weather, shock, impact and vandal resistance, making them the perfect video solution for correctional facilities to help prevent against damage stemming from riots, unruly inmates or hazardous environmental conditions.
Providing safety and security in one of the toughest environments is how we’re engineering a better world.