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For more than 20 years TASER International has made communities safer with innovative public safety technologies. From our industry-leading Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEWs), to our AXON on-officer cameras and EVIDENCE.COM digital management solution, we help define smarter policing with our growing suite of products and services. We are committed to protecting life and protecting truth.




TASER’s AXON cameras feature breakthrough technology that improves transparency between law enforcement agencies and their communities, while protecting officers from false claims.

Major Cities using 
AXON and
  • Salt Lake City
  • Las Vegas
  • New Orleans
  • Fort Worth
  • San Diego
  • Pittsburgh


Benefits of TASER AXON cameras

  • 12-hour operating capability
    • Long battery life lets you capture incidents at the beginning or end of a shift.
  • 30-second pre-event buffer
    • Tells the whole story by capturing the action that precipitates camera activation.
  • Two camera choices, multiple mounting options
    • AXON flex is a point-of-view camera that can be worn in several configurations for the greatest flexibility.
    • AXON body is a wireless option that records in one click for unmatched simplicity. makes it easy for agencies of any size to collect, transfer, manage, retrieve and share any form of digital evidence. It also works with AXON on-officer video systems so you can document what happens in the field.  And EVIDENCE Mobile is an app that brings the power of evidence-gathering right to your smart device.

Benefits of

  • Ability to collect, transfer, manage, retrieve and share data seamlessly:
    • Agencies can collect and manage digital evidence in any format from TASER or competitor systems.
    • Officers dock AXON cameras for hands-off upload, saving time and agency resources.
    • Agencies have the ability to find and share digital evidence from anywhere at any time, allowing them to cost-effectively answer requests for digital evidence. 
  • Ability to manage and scale storage capabilities:
    • Agencies are able to manage large data volumes easily on day one.
    • allows agencies to scale efficiently with predictable pricing and protect evidence with ironclad security and back-ups. 

On-Officer Video Technology: Quick Stats

According to one police department’s ongoing study using on-officer video cameras:

  • The number of complaints filed against officers declined 88%[1]
  • Law enforcement officers used force nearly 60% less often

[1] “Wearing a Badge, and a Video Camera,” April 6, 2013, New York Times, available at