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Project Lifesaver‘s 12th Annual Conference to Offer New Special Needs Training
A Very Special Presentation by Lockheed Martin on the Project Lifesaver/Lockheed Martin Partnership and UAV Development

This year’s 12th Annual Project Lifesaver Conference in Orlando, Florida from September 14th-17th, 2015 promises to be a week full of new training and a preview of what’s in development with Project Lifesaver.
On Monday and Tuesday our area specific trainings for Autism and Alzheimer’s/dementia will be offered by partners from Autism Speaks, Biography Based Care®. Biography Based Care®, and a training on Project Lifesaver’s PAL “Protect & Locate” device by the program coordinator.
The Project Lifesaver Alzheimer’s/Dementia courses are offered through our strategic partner Biography Based Care®. Biography Based Care® is owned and managed by Mara Botonis. Over the last 25 year’s Mara has provided support for individuals and the caregivers impacted by Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Mara also specializes in training Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, and Healthcare Professionals.
On September 16th-17th we kick off the conference from speakers from all communities we are connected to.
We also will have a special presentation and update from Lockheed Martin on the development of the UAV incorporating the Project Lifesaver radio frequency technology!
For more on information on the 12th Annual Project Lifesaver Conference or to register visit our conference page.