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The National Sheriffs' Association is dedicated to raising the level of professionalism among sheriffs, their deputies, and others in the field of criminal justice public safety and law enforcement so that they may perform their jobs in the best possible manner and better serve the people of their cities, counties or jurisdictions. Learn More learn more arrow

Editorial Calendar

Sheriff Magazine

Ethics and The Office of Sheriff
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 12/1/11
Ad Materials Due: 12/15/11
Mail Date: 1/3/12
Border Issues and Illegal Immigration
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 1/30/12
Ad Materials Due: 2/10/12
Mail Date: 3/2/12
Buyers Guide/Technology/Pre-Conference
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 4/2/12
Ad Materials Due: 4/16/12
Mail Date: 5/1/12
Conference Recap/President's Issue
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 6/7/12
Ad Materials Due: 6/28/12
Mail Date: 7/12/12
Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 8/3/12
Ad Materials Due: 8/24/11
Mail Date: 9/7/12
The Sheriff's Jail
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 10/4/12
Ad Materials Due: 10/18/12
Mail Date: 11/1/12

Deputy & Court Officer Magazine

Issue 1 (Electronic Only)
Officer Safety/Patrol
Submission/Space Reservations Due: 1/6/12
Ad Materials Due: 1/20/12
Mail Date: 2/3/12
Issue 2 (Electronic Only)
Buyer's Guide/Technology
Submission/Space Reservations Due: 4/17/12
Ad Materials Due: 5/1/12
Mail Date: 5/15/12
Issue 3 (Electronic Only)
Submission/Space Reservations Due: 7/9/12
Ad Materials Due: 7/23/12
Mail Date: 8/6/12
Issue 4 (Electronic Only)
Court Security
Submission/Space Reservations Due: 10/18/12
Ad Materials Due: 11/1/12
Mail Date: 11/15/12
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