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Sheriff Magazine

Ethics and The Office of Sheriff
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 12/1/11
Ad Materials Due: 12/15/11
Mail Date: 1/3/12
Border Issues and Illegal Immigration
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 1/30/12
Ad Materials Due: 2/10/12
Mail Date: 3/2/12
Buyers Guide/Technology/Pre-Conference
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 4/2/12
Ad Materials Due: 4/16/12
Mail Date: 5/1/12
Conference Recap/President's Issue
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 6/7/12
Ad Materials Due: 6/28/12
Mail Date: 7/12/12
Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 8/3/12
Ad Materials Due: 8/24/11
Mail Date: 9/7/12
The Sheriff's Jail
Submissions/Space Reservation Due: 10/4/12
Ad Materials Due: 10/18/12
Mail Date: 11/1/12

Deputy & Court Officer Magazine

Issue 1 (Electronic Only)
Officer Safety/Patrol
Submission/Space Reservations Due: 1/6/12
Ad Materials Due: 1/20/12
Mail Date: 2/3/12
Issue 2 (Electronic Only)
Buyer's Guide/Technology
Submission/Space Reservations Due: 4/17/12
Ad Materials Due: 5/1/12
Mail Date: 5/15/12
Issue 3 (Electronic Only)
Submission/Space Reservations Due: 7/9/12
Ad Materials Due: 7/23/12
Mail Date: 8/6/12
Issue 4 (Electronic Only)
Court Security
Submission/Space Reservations Due: 10/18/12
Ad Materials Due: 11/1/12
Mail Date: 11/15/12
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