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Jail Administrator's Survival Guide Seminar

November 28, 2012 - November 30, 2012


Jail Administrator’s Survival Guide: PREA, Laws, Litigation and Liability

November 28-30, 2012 - Myrtle Beach, SC
From the official release of the Prison Rape Elimination Act standards by the Department of Justice to the recent Supreme Court Florence strip search decision, Sheriffs and Jail Administrators all over the country are deciphering what is required of them in the wake – particularly how those changes will affect policy, procedure and training. This seminar will provide an overview of the hottest topics jail administrators’ face, along with updates involving trends in litigation. Prisoners file more litigation than any other group in the United States. How can Sheriffs and jail administrators proactively protect against prisoner litigation? This workshop provides a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of risk management and civil liability protection. They will also be provided with a systematic plan of action to counter and diminish vulnerability to prisoner litigation. This course will provide in-depth reviews of cases and rulings pertaining to the latest issues facing jail administrators and sheriffs, including:
  • PREA: A Constitutional Review of the DOJ Standards and What They Mean for Sheriffs and Jail Administrators.
  • Implementing a Proactive Approach in Protecting Against Administrative Liability Through Policy and Procedures, Training and Inmate Grievance Systems.
  • Constitutional Issues involving Duty to Protect, Conditions of Confinement, Prisoner Searches, Religious Issues and Use of Force
  • Duty to Know and Understand the Law
  • Internal Compliance Audits
  • Medical and Mental Health Administrative Liabilities
  • First Amendment Issues Involving Inmate Communication: Mail, Postcards, Rejecting Mail.

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