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Jail Evacuation

The NSA Center for Public Safety offers a online jail evacuation and planning course at no charge through a grant. (Certified Department of Homeland Security Course # AWR-183).
Beginning August 1, 2014, there will be a $50 charge for this course.
Jail Evacuation (CJC 2052) is designed to address the needs of sheriffs and jail commanders who might encounter a situation in which their jail must be evacuated. The course provides background information on terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Exercises and discussions are designed to support and guide participants through the learning processes required to develop a jail evacuation plan.
Evacuation of a jail places specific demands upon jail command staff and officers:
  • Who should be evacuated first?
  • How is the safety of the public, jail employees, and the inmates themselves to be preserved?
  • Where will the inmates be taken?
  • Once there, how long can they stay?
  • How will they be cared for?
  • How will security be maintained?
The course is designed for jail executives, mid-management and trainers.
Course content includes:
  • An overview of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), terrorists, terrorism, and other threats to a local jail
  • Identify terrorists and other criminal agents in a community/jurisdiction
  • Sources of information from outside and inside the facility
  • Identification of security weaknesses in a jail and how to address them before an incident occurs
  • Developing and maintaining a detailed jail evacuation plan
  • Identifying mutual aid partners and other key resources
  • Assisting with decontamination efforts if necessary
  • Finding appropriate remote site(s)
  • Functions of the jail that should be re-established at the new site
  • Development of a plan required to move the inmate population back to the secure confines of the jail
  • The benefits of testing a plan through various levels of exercises, including a full scale evacuation drill
  • A small group exercise, designed to give participants an idea of the pressures and time constraints that they might face. This segment includes a 10 minute video of an actual jail evacuation exercise
  • Debriefing all evacuation participants, including the inmates
  • Paperwork related to reimbursement from state or federal governments, and to potential litigation
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