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Managing Jail Hostage Situations

Seminar Description

While there are numerous courses available in the law enforcement field concerning hostage negotiations,
there very few that address the specific dynamics of a jail hostage situation. Jail hostage situations are perhaps
the most critical and visible incidents that sheriffs, jail administrators and emergency planners may have to face.
Actions & inactions during any hostage incident can be life & death decisions, but when such an incident occurs
in a jail setting managers must be aware of specific situational dynamics which are substantially different from a
“Street” situation. This seminar will focus on practical information concerning the overall management of a jail
hostage situation and provide participants with specific jail information as well as special emergency planning
strategies that are designed to enhance the effectiveness of jail emergency operational strategies.
Upon completion of the seminar, students will be able to:
  • Explain the differences between street and jail hostage situations
  • Explain how to integrate hostage management protocols into their jail’s emergency response plans
  • Describe how to determine whether to negotiate or use tactical assault to resolve a hostage incident
  • List the 7 principles of hostage negotiations & how they for situation management
  • Identify the causes of jail hostage incidents and list corresponding prevention strategies
  • Explain the 5 artificial classifications of jail hostage takers that are used for negotiations strategies
  • Describe the legal considerations surrounding a jail hostage or emergency management situation
  • Develop a hostage survival protocol for their jails for more than 35 years.


Seminar Instructors

Joseph J. Marchese, retired Deputy Director of Criminal Justice for the State of New York has over 38 years of
experience in the Criminal Justice field. Mr. Marchese is an internationally recognized consultant in the fields of
emergency planning, hostage negotiations, tactical team development, & terrorist/gang interdiction. He has trained for numerous criminal justice agencies & associations. In 2004, Mr. Marchese was retained by the Irish Prison Service to train Wardens & emergency personnel in hostage negotiations & emergency planning. From 1987-89 he served as a Correctional Program Specialist with the US DOJ, National Institute of Corrections. Mr. Marchese’s degrees include a BS - John Jay College of Criminal Justice and an MA - SUNY Stony Brook.
Gary DeLand is the Executive Director of the Utah Sheriffs’ Association and President of DeLand and Associates, Inc. He has traveled to more than 45 U.S. states to provide legal issues and other criminal justice training. Formerly, Gary served as Commander of the Jail Division for the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office. In 1985, he was appointed to the position of Executive Director for the Utah State Department of Corrections. Gary also served as Sr. Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Justice, Correctional Services Division in 2003. He has served as an officer for NSA’s Presidents and Executive Directors Committee and as Chair of the ACA Legal Issues Committee. Gary is the past Editor-in-Chief and current Executive Editor of the Corrections Managers’ Report.
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