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The Arizona Coalition for Equines (ACE) is committed to enhancing the lives of all equines in Arizona through education and assistance to the owners, and when necessary, the prosecution of persons who commit acts of cruelty against equines contrary to existing laws. 

Arizona Coalition for Equines
Arizona Coalition for Equines Education
Arizona Equine Laws

Michael Duffy


The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is a full-service animal welfare organization.  In addition to caring for homeless pets and finding them homes, HUSSA also provides low cost spay and neuter services, low cost vaccinations, and an extensive education and outreach program to teach the importance of humane treatment and proper care of pets. 

HSSA is a founding member of the Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Southern Arizona.  Their animal cruelty investigator works hand-in-hand with law enforcement to provide a seamless response to cruelty calls. Services through this branch of the department include professional training seminars, public outreach, law enforcement support services, emergency medical care and fostering for abused animals, and evidence collection. 

Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Services
Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Education
Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Southern Arizona
Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Southern Arizona, Education and Local Resources
Arizona State Law; Animal Cruelty, Ownership and Liability Issues

Michael Duffy



Group for the Study of Violence Towards Humans and Animals (GEVHA) and Association of Police Officers for Animal Defense (APDA) are organizations specialized in interpersonal violence and animal abuse & policing based in Spain.  They provide academic courses and research on The Link and specific training. The organizations also serve as consultants for Police Agencies and Government agencies.  

Dog Encounter Handbook
Training for Law enforcement regarding Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence & Dog Encounters Policía Local de Zaragoza 
Guàrdia urbana de Barcelona
Criminal Profiling Conference in Barcelona

Dr. Nuria Querol Vinas MD, President

Officer Sonia Pujol, President


The San Bernardino County Illegal Animal Fighting and Abuse Task Force is a multi-disciplinary collaboration designed to promote community awareness, education and prosecution of animal fighting and abuse in San Bernardino County.

This organization currently offers training in November of each year—this year a two day POST and MCLE training in Ontario, CA. 

Animal Cruelty Task Force

Claudia Swing, Chief, Bureau of Administration


spcaLA is an independent, nonprofit animal welfare organization serving Southern California.  Donations run programs and services including Cruelty Investigation, Disaster Animal Response Team, Humane Education and a variety of shelter services. 

spcaLA Reporting Page
Animal Cruelty Info for Law Enforcement
FAQ on HE about what is Animal Cruelty
Serial killers and Animal Abuse
ASN info
spcaLA has a course pending post certification designed to assist officers in assessing the threat level of a dog—will be posted soon.

Madeline Bernstein



The Dumb Friends League is the largest community-based animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region.  DFL rescues abused animals; investigates cases of cruelty and abuse; provides shelter, veterinary care, and behavior and training programs; adopts animals to new homes; reduces pet overpopulation through mobile spay and neuter projects; offers learning opportunities for the public; and educates children and adults about animals and their needs. 

Dumb Friends League
Colorado Humane Society
The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence
Colorado Link Project

Laura Embleton


District of Columbia



The George Washington University Animal Law Program

The Animal Law focus area at GW Law provides an exceptionally broad range of educational and practical opportunities for law students while also providing pro bono services and support to the District of Columbia government, humane organizations, and community groups working to strengthen the protection of animals.  GW Law offers instruction both in existing law and in the promotion of animal protection and welfare through legal reform.

Services offered: outstanding curriculum, annual conferences, a specialized field placement program that offers students opportunities to gain actual experience advocating on behalf of animals, an in-house program that allows students to affect change through legislative and regulatory avenues, scholarship opportunities to support students committed to the legal protection of animals, and a robust student chapter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund.


GW Animal Law Program

Joan Schaffner



Safe Humane’s mission is to create safe and humane communities by inspiring positive relationships between people and animals.  They are an alliance of non-traditional partners that recognize the connections between animal abuse and interpersonal violence and the benefits of the human-animal bond.  Safe Humane’s programs focus on education, advocacy and second chances.

Safe Humane Chicago
Lifetime Bonds Programs
Youth Leaders
Collaborative Justice
Court Advocacy
Court Case Dogs
Veterans Advancing Lives of Rescues (VALOR)

Cynthia Bathurst, Executive Director



The Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office Animal Abuse Unit was created to address animal abuse and ensure that cases are prepared for prosecution, with a goal to link agencies involved in investigating animal abuse.  The Animal Abuse Unit works directly with Baltimore County Police and Baltimore County Animal Services to ensure that the victims of animal abuse are given a voice. 
For training inquiries or if you need additional help or advice contact:
April Doherty
Adam Lippe

New Jersey 

The Promise is a nonprofit organization comprised of individuals who currently or previously worked in the veterinary field.  They are working to create a database of people who work in the field to provide more community outreach.  

The Promise

Laurie Kydon


New York 

The Animal Farm Foundation is designed to secure equal treatment and opportunity for “pit bull” dogs and the organizations working on their behalf.  Their programs and services include an animal shelter, free internships for animal welfare professionals, educational resources, and grant opportunities. 


Animal Farm Foundation
Changing Perceptions: “Pit Bull” Dogs in Your Community Webinar

Stacey Coleman, Executive Director



Capital Area Humane Society

Since 1883 the Capital Area Humane Society has been sheltering homeless animals, fighting animal cruelty and neglect, and offering programs to address the needs of animals in our community.  We are the lead animal law enforcement agency for Franklin County, with our humane agents working 365 days a year investigating over 6,000 annual reports of animal cruelty, neglect and abandonment.  The Capital Area Humane Society provides Adoptions (cats, dogs, rabbits and pocket pets), Animal Cruelty Investigations, the Animal Support Center for homeless animals or those in danger of becoming homeless, STEPS volunteer program, and  Safe Haven for Pets (for pets in homes experiencing family violence).  Learn more about all of our programs and services at

Kerry Manion, Chief Humane Agent
Capital Area Humane Society



Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Inc. (DVIS)/Call Rape, a Tulsa Area United Way agency, provides comprehensive intervention and prevention services to men, women, and children affected by domestic and sexual violence.  Their mission is to rebuild lives through advocacy, shelter, counseling, and education.  The DVIS is currently building a new emergency shelter for domestic violence survivors what will include a kennel.  


Donna Mathews, Associate Director



The doctors and staff at Animal Care Clinic of Virginia Beach are committed to providing pets the highest standard of care through all their life stages.

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited.



Andrew Silverstone DVM, Veterinarian



The Seattle Animal Shelter is the Municipal Animal control Agency for the City of Seattle.  It is responsible for enforcing the laws and codes involving animals within with city of Seattle.   

Seattle Animal Shelter

Ann Graves, Manager of Field Services