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Product Discounts

Apple has partnered with NSA to include you in a special program to qualify for preferred pricing on the latest Apple products and accessories, plus other exclusive benefits. manages over 300 discounts exclusively for Law Enforcement. Through a partnership with the National Sheriffs’ Association you now have access to shop on and enjoy savings up to 70% off retail prices on brands like Benchmade, Camelbak, and Diamondback Bicycles.



Schlage offers a 15% discount to all NSA members on Schlage electronics locks.

NSA and SafeAssured ID have partnered to offer NSA members a discount on the purchase of a SafeAssured ID system.  This is the most comprehensive, technologically advanced family safety program of its kind.  In the event that a person disappears, a SafeAssured ID provides law enforcement with immediate, holistic, and ready to broadcast information unique to the missing person. 


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