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The National Sheriffs' Association is dedicated to raising the level of professionalism among sheriffs, their deputies, and others in the field of criminal justice public safety and law enforcement so that they may perform their jobs in the best possible manner and better serve the people of their cities, counties or jurisdictions. Learn More learn more arrow

Sheriff Lifetime Membership

Sheriff, Don't Pay Membership Dues Ever Again
Join NSA's Paid-Up-For-Life Membership Program . . .
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  • Save 20% or more off the cost of renewing your membership annually.
  • Eliminate having to pay annual membership dues to NSA.
  • Secure your future membership at today's rates - rate increases will never affect you.
  • Receive any new services and benefits provided by NSA in the future.
  • Receive a special Gold Membership/ID card.
Note: All Paid-Up-For-Life Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable and are only available to current Sheriff members.
Paid-Up-For-Life Program
If you are a 40-year-old member and plan to continue to be a member of the National Sheriffs' Association throughout the rest of your career, here's what you'd pay if you renew annually:
Example: Age 40 to retirement (22 years) 22 years x $106.00 = $2,332.00 (Pay Up For Life and Save $1,444.00)
Instead, look at how much less you'll pay by joining for life. Compare the savings: 
Paid-Up For-Life Dues Schedule
Sheriffs with a county population of 100,000 or less
Age          Dues
25-29     $1210.00
30-34     $1008.00
35-39     $928.00
40-44     $888.00
45-49     $806.00
50-54     $726.00
55-59     $692.00
60-64     $564.00
65-69     $484.00
70-74     $404.00
Sheriffs with a county population of 100,000 or more
Age          Dues
25-29     $2419.00
30-34     $2016.00
35-39     $1855.00
40-44     $1775.00
45-49     $1613.00
50-54     $1452.00
55-59     $1291.00
60-64     $1129.00
65-69     $968.00
70-74     $806.00
Sheriff Paid-Up-For-Life Members Receive:
  • $10,000.00 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (Subject to the terms and conditions of the group policy held by NSA).
  • Sheriff magazine, published bimonthly (a $30.00 value).
  • Annual Sheriffs' Directory.
  • Congressional monitoring and updates.
  • Professional Development -- High-quality training on a national and regional basis at reduced rates.
  • Technical Assistance -- Resource and program implementation tools for many criminal justice programs.
  • Annual Conference & Exhibition with over 500 booths displaying the latest in high-tech products and services for law enforcement/corrections/courts. Receive a reduced member rate for your conference registration.
  • Voting privileges at NSA's Annual Conference.
  • Opportunities for professional recognition through NSA's Sheriff of the Year Award, Deputy Sheriff of the Year Award, J. Stannard Baker Award for Traffic Safety, Explorer Post Award, and scholarships.
  • NSA's website and a toll-free number to NSA.
  • A Special Gold Lifetime Membership Card!
For questions about Membership, please contact:
800.424.7827 ext 201