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Join NSA's Paid-Up-For-Life Membership Program . . .
And receive the benefits you've always enjoyed through membership in NSA, plus: 
  • Save 20% or more off the cost of renewing your membership annually.
  • Eliminate having to pay annual membership dues to NSA.
  • Secure your future membership at today's rates - rate increases will never affect you.
  • Receive any new services and benefits provided by NSA in the future.
  • Receive a special Gold Membership/ID card.
Note: All Paid-Up-For-Life Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable and are only available to current Sheriff members.
Paid-Up-For-Life Program
If you are a 40-year-old member and plan to continue to be a member of the National Sheriffs' Association throughout the rest of your career, here's what you'd pay if you renew annually:
Example: Age 40 to retirement (22 years) 22 years x $106.00 = $2,332.00 (Pay Up For Life and Save $1,444.00)
Instead, look at how much less you'll pay by joining for life. Compare the savings: 
Paid-Up For-Life Dues Schedule
Sheriffs with a county population of 100,000 or less
Age          Dues
25-29     $1210.00
30-34     $1008.00
35-39     $928.00
40-44     $888.00
45-49     $806.00
50-54     $726.00
55-59     $692.00
60-64     $564.00
65-69     $484.00
70-74     $404.00
Sheriffs with a county population of 100,000 or more
Age          Dues
25-29     $2419.00
30-34     $2016.00
35-39     $1855.00
40-44     $1775.00
45-49     $1613.00
50-54     $1452.00
55-59     $1291.00
60-64     $1129.00
65-69     $968.00
70-74     $806.00
Sheriff Paid-Up-For-Life Members Receive:
  • $10,000.00 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (Subject to the terms and conditions of the group policy held by NSA).
  • Sheriff magazine, published bimonthly (a $30.00 value).
  • Annual Sheriffs' Directory.
  • Congressional monitoring and updates.
  • Professional Development -- High-quality training on a national and regional basis at reduced rates.
  • Technical Assistance -- Resource and program implementation tools for many criminal justice programs.
  • Annual Conference & Exhibition with over 500 booths displaying the latest in high-tech products and services for law enforcement/corrections/courts. Receive a reduced member rate for your conference registration.
  • Voting privileges at NSA's Annual Conference.
  • Opportunities for professional recognition through NSA's Sheriff of the Year Award, Deputy Sheriff of the Year Award, J. Stannard Baker Award for Traffic Safety, Explorer Post Award, and scholarships.
  • NSA's website and a toll-free number to NSA.
  • A Special Gold Lifetime Membership Card!
For questions about Membership, please contact:
800.424.7827 ext 201