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Deputy Sheriff

Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School

We know you are as horrified as we are by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The pain and grief that is consuming the families of the children and their heroic teachers so senselessly taken from us is unimaginable. Our hearts go out to these devastated families, as do our prayers for them.

Our thoughts are also with the first responders, who bravely and compassionately responded to a call like no other they had ever experienced, and who will be forever haunted by their memories of this call.

The randomness of such violent acts as these strikes at the hearts and minds of parents in every community, and many of them will contact their public safety leaders to seek reassurance that their own children are safe. The Department of Homeland Security has developed trainings to better prepare its government and private sector partners to prevent and respond to an active shooter situation. This information can be found here, and may be of assistance as you and your staff respond to questions from local citizens.

The National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) will also continue to work with leaders across the U.S. to reduce the level of firearms violence in this country. NSA stands ready to assist you in all ways possible as you work within your own States and communities in the aftermath of this unthinkable crime committed in Newtown, Connecticut. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We close by again extending our deepest sympathy to the parents and families of the children whose young lives were taken, and to the families of the valiant staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School who gave their lives to protect the children placed in their care. And, we wish to express our admiration and gratitude to all the first responders to this appalling incident.

Finally, we know that all of you join us and your fellow NSA members in heartfelt thoughts and prayers for all those loved ones affected by this tragedy.