Protecting Your Jail – Part I: Avoiding Costly Lawsuits and Saving Money by Advancing Your Suicide Prevention Program

March 15, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm

It’s a new year, and given the focus in 2017 on inmate litigation, especially with the mentally-ill population, it is vitally important for Sheriffs and Jail Administrators to critically examine their suicide prevention programs.  This webinar examines suicide prevention programs with the goal of assisting counties to not only meet minimum standards, but to truly understand and identify system areas that can be advanced or elevated. The webinar guides the audience in how to ensure that their system is reliable, that it really works, and that the effectiveness is sustainable.  Creating a suicide prevention system that truly works and continues to be reliable year after year, will not only provide peace of mind that cost savings from lawsuits are achieved, but will also garner the county political capital by demonstrating safety and treatment effectiveness with their high-risk populations.

Presenters: Dr. Elizabeth Falcon, Psy.D., CCHP-MH, MBA and Dr. David Stephens, Psy.D.