All Eyes on DV: Developing a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective to Domestic Violence

March 24, 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm

This webinar provides a unique take on domestic violence prevention, identification, and intervention by enabling participants to develop a multi-disciplinary perspective of violence in the home. Results from my national domestic violence survey of victim serving agencies across multiple disciplines will be discussed. Both discipline-specific and shared barriers to working with victims of domestic violence will be addressed and recent findings from literature across several disciplines including: court systems, faith-based, law enforcement, education, social services, medical, animal welfare, child welfare, and domestic violence shelters will be highlighted. Participants will learn of critical concepts for addressing barriers, developing a truly multi-disciplinary response to domestic violence in their community, and promoting data-driven, effective and efficient community-inclusive methods to better identify and assist these victims of violence in the home as early as possible.


Andrew Campbell (CEO/Founder of Campbell Research & Consulting) is an expert on domestic violence and the associated risks of harm for adults, children, and animals residing in homes where this violence occurs. Utilizing cutting-edge data analysis and a unique perspective on violence in the home, he provides education for agencies across the country and assists in developing more efficient and effective community responses to physical and emotional violence. Andrew’s several recent publications in major academic journals include his analysis of nearly 10,000 first responder reports and observations from the scene of domestic violence incidents and are among the first in academic literature to use law enforcement data to quantify risk of harm/injury in this manner.