Animals In Disasters – How to Help Your Community

December 3, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm

When disaster hits, animals and their owners are greatly impacted.  All eyes will be on your agency, and how well it serves the animals and their owners in your community during this time of need can create huge goodwill for your agency–or create lasting ill-will.  This webinar will help you learn how to be ready to emergency shelter animals by identifying the supplies you’ll need and valuable partnerships to make.  You will also learn how to get the outside help you might need if local resources become overwhelmed.  Finally, this webinar will teach you some basic practices that will help you keep animals and their families together during the challenge and chaos of the natural disaster.

  • Why emergency sheltering is needed in a disaster
  • How to find a site for the shelter, the cages/containment for the animals, veterinary care, and food and other supplies
  • How to ask for outside help during a disaster
  • What are the best practices you can adopt in order to keep animals together with their people.


Beth Gammie is the Director of Field Services for RedRover, a national animal welfare organization headquartered in Sacramento, California.  In this role, Beth leads the RedRover Responders program which provides emergency animal sheltering in natural disasters and large-scale cruelty seizures throughout the United States and Canada.  Prior to this position, she was a volunteer with RedRover and other animal welfare groups.