Domestic Violence Intervention and Investigation

May 8, 2018 to May 9, 2018

Hosted by Nebraska State Patrol

This two-day training is open to members of law enforcement, criminal justice, advocacy agencies, and other community organizations involved with domestic violence prevention and awareness.

An expert law enforcement officer teaches the five main components of this training: liability, the dynamics of domestic violence, investigation and interviewing, prosecuting domestic violence cases, and solutions and resource development.

During this training, participants will learn how to:

  • Use new interviewing, evidence gathering, and probable cause determination techniques in domestic violence cases
  • Conduct more effective investigations to hold offenders accountable and therefore prevent future abuse
  • Enhance the safety of victims of domestic violence and of responding officers
  • Decrease the risk of lawsuits against law enforcement agencies
  • Apply federal and state laws pertaining to domestic violence
  • Enforce protection orders
  • Describe evidence-based investigation and prosecution
  • Describe the dynamics of domestic violence
  • Identify counseling, shelter, and legal resources for the victim
  • Identify law enforcement's role in a coordinated community response to domestic violence crimes.