Intelligence-Driven Strategies: Creating an Integrated Approach for Justice Agencies

November 15, 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm

In this webinar, justice practitioners will gain a better understanding of how security is enhanced and crime reduced through intelligence-driven-strategies.

Whether a narcotics detective, gang intelligence officer, jail administrator, or patrol deputy, attendees will learn some of the modern-day practical applications that harness the power from knowledge produced by the convergence of the latest intelligence methodologies and technologies.

Key questions to be answered in the session:

  • What are the real-world applications of technology in generating actionable intelligence in correctional and law enforcement environments?
  • What are the critical success factors associated with implementing intelligence-led philosophies? (e.g., best practices and lessons learned)
  • How can facilities or departments of any size or level of expertise leverage technology to manage the intelligence cycle and stay ahead of the latest trends?

NOTE: This webinar has been sponsored by GTL and the NSA. Webinar registration information will be shared with these partners.