Millennials and Generation Z in Law Enforcement: The strengths, limitations and unique characteristics of the “Me” generations

June 3, 2021
1:00pm - 2:15pm

They are the largest generation groups in our country’s history and perhaps the most misunderstood.  In this training, Dr. McDougall will provide the audience with an in-depth clinical, and often humorous, examination of the personality and psychological dynamics of these population segments.  Special attention will be given to Millennials and Gen Z within the context of law enforcement; from recruitment to supervision.  Strategies that will teach communication, motivation, and relationship tactics will be provided and participants will gain a better understanding of the generations that are reshaping our workplace and our world.

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Dr. Grant McDougall is a licensed mental health counselor and a national board-certified counselor.  He owns Southeastern Counseling and Consultation in Gainesville, Florida; a private organization that specializes in serving first responders and law enforcement agencies.

He is a current board member of the National Sheriff’s Association’s Psychological Section and the provider of psychological services for numerous law enforcement agencies within Florida.

Dr. McDougall is a former faculty member at the University of Florida, an Expert Witness for the State of Florida Department of Health and a member of the Examining Committee for the State of Florida’s Eighth Judicial Circuit.

He is a recognized speaker national and international conferences and has provided on-site training at local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.  He has been an instructor at law enforcement academies and worked directly with specialized units such as hostage negotiations and tactical response teams.

Dr. McDougall regularly provides in-service training for sworn officers, pre-employment screenings, critical incident debriefings, fitness-for-duty evaluations, and private counseling services.  He also serves as an on-scene advisor during critical incidents and works with officers and administrators in the aftermath of tragedies.