What Your Boss Wished You Knew: Professionalism in an Increasingly Unprofessional World

December 8, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm

Ever wish your boss could just tell you what they’re thinking?  What can sometimes seem like a mystery, your boss’s thoughts are often more simple than you think. Ever wonder if there is a secret playbook your boss uses to decide which players are active and which ones are on the bench. The boss may be steering the ship but you are responsible for the forward momentum. Employees are in the driver’s seat and determine the direction of their career path. In this session, you will explore the challenges employees face through the lens of their boss. We will discuss these issues through the use of real world examples in the field.

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Based out of Daytona Beach, Florida, Adam Leath is the Director of Volusia County Animal Services. There he investigates and responds to situations involving animal victims of natural disasters and animal cruelty cases. Leath was, formerly, the Southeast Regional Director of the Field Investigations and Response Team at the ASPCA.  There he aided jurisdictions at the local, state, and federal levels investigating crimes against animals. While in that position, Leath led one of the largest operations in ASPCA history with the seizure of over 1,000 animals in August of 2016. Leath also successfully investigated one of the largest cockfighting cases in Florida history, resulting in the seizure of more than 650 birds and numerous arrests. Leath has responded to multiple dogfighting operations throughout his time at the ASPCA, including the second largest dog fighting bust in U.S. history in 2013, resulting in the seizure of more than 400 dogs.

Leath holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Tennessee and a Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Forensic Science from the University of Florida. He is the immediate past president of the International Veterinary Forensic Sciences Association and is a Certified National Animal Cruelty Investigator through the University of Missouri. He has also been certified in Equine Cruelty Investigation through the University of Colorado. Leath has been certified as an expert witness in animal fighting and animal cruelty in the state of Florida and in New York.