Positive Impact: Connecting and Communicating with Justice Involved Youth

September 1, 2022
1:00pm - 2:15pm

Mentors, probation officers, advocates, and others who work closely with justice-involved youth know how challenging it can be to help young people navigate the system and find positive life paths. Many of these youth have experienced severe emotional and physical trauma, generational violence, and poverty that not only put them at risk for social disconnection and recidivism but can create barriers in communication and understanding. When conflict arises between youth and helping adults, efforts to assist can fall apart.  In this webinar youth mentor and advocate, Jarriel Jordan, law enforcement veteran, Michael Delaney, and conflict resolution specialist, Megan Price discuss the unique challenges that come with working with justice-involved youth and key strategies for breaking through those challenges. You will learn techniques you can use to:

  • Understand a young person’s perspective, even when faced with aggression and noncompliance
  • Connect with youth who seem unreachable
  • Motivate youth to find a positive mindset and hope for their futures


Jarriel Jordan, Sr. is the Founder/Executive Director of Jacob’s Ladder Youth Foundation. Mr. Jordan has worked in his community for over thirty years as an educator, coach, police officer and philanthropist. Mr. Jordan has a sincere desire to reduce the number of juveniles entering and returning to the juvenile justice system. Jacob’s Ladder Youth Foundation was developed in response to the rapid deterioration of our communities because of the growing number of juveniles that are introduced to the juvenile justice system, juveniles returning to the community after periods of being detained and failing diversion/reentry programs that do not provide positive long term results.

Megan Price, Ph.D. is Founder and Director of the Center for Applied Insight Conflict Resolution (CAICR). She is an expert in the Insight approach to conflict analysis and resolution, which explains how conflict affects decision-making and how targeted curiosity can turn adversity into opportunity. Her research and practice focus on designing reliable, context-based solutions to conflict, from the interpersonal to the organizational to the social. Dr. Price specializes in Insight Policing: Conflict Resolution for Law Enforcement, which brings a conflict skill-set to challenging police-community interactions for effective problem-solving and trust-building. Dr. Price teaches Conflict Resolution at the Master’s level at George Mason University in Virginia and Royal Roads University in British Columbia.

Michael Delaney is an investigator with 30 years of experience in law enforcement and over 20 years solving high-profile, complex crimes. Recognizing the need to strengthen community-police relations, Michael sits on the board of Jacob’s Ladder Youth Foundation, volunteering to support incarcerated youth, and spends much of his time teaching Insight Policing: Conflict Resolution for Law Enforcement, a skillset that helps officers effectively communicate through conflict on the job even in situations of high stress.