Additional Court Security Training Opportunities

Columbia Southern UniversityCourt Security Online Courses

Columbia Southern University offers online courses in Court Security.  These can be taken as a per course student so that you do not have to be enrolled in a degree or certificate program.  These courses can also be used to fulfil the training requirements of some NSA Court Security Certifications.

US Marshals ServiceCourt Security Seminar

The United States Marshals Service has developed the Court Security Seminar (CSS), a comprehensive program for non-Federal law enforcement officials. This free program takes place at FLETC and is five days in length, which includes approximately forty hours of academic instruction and demonstrations. The purpose of this seminar is to provide a comprehensive and complete court security program which can be used as a guideline for implementation by the participants so that the integrity of all court systems may be better preserved. Four major subject areas will be presented during the program: Judicial Facility Security, Technical Assistance, Courtroom Security, and Personal Security.

If you'd like to add your course or training, please contact:

NSA Training Department
(800) 424-7827 x320

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