Court Security Assessment

NSA’s Court Security Assessment will assist your agency with recognizing and developing promising practices of accountability and safety within your courthouse.
The security of a courthouse is based on a balance between four essential components: involvement of all stakeholders, security personnel, technological devices, and the configuration of the facility itself.  Absence of any one of these components affects the security of the facility.  The purpose of a Court Security Assessment is to recognize and develop promising practices of accountability and safety.  NSA's process of evaluating operations includes:
  • Identification of current staffing and practices
  • Conducting a basic physical audit including holding facilities
  • Interviewing pertinent personnel, judges and additional court users
  • Disseminating the information in a practical, easy to adopt format
  • Preparing a written report
To receive a Court Security Assessment proposal, please contact:
NSA Training Department
(800) 424-7827 x320

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