Court & Judicial Security Course Catalog

Introduction to Court Security (BCJ 3450)
Examines court security in and around our nation's court facilities. Explores how present court security methods involve more than physical structures and high tech security equipment designed to protect the court.
Protecting Court Personnel (BCJ 3451)

Describes strategies and methods for ensuring judicial personnel are able to carry out their public charge. In order for the judicial system to serve the general public in a consistent manner, personnel involved in the judicial system must be protected.
Physical Security (BCJ 3452)

Examines the organization and management of industry and business security including personnel protection, facility security, major asset protection, risk management, and other issues. Report writing, investigations, prisoner search techniques, prisoner transport, and emergency response training provide career enhancement skills benefitting criminal justice administrators across the globe.
Court Security Supervision (BCJ 3453)

Provides an overview of the concepts and key components of the role of criminal justice supervisors and middle managers. Students study inter-personal skills, techniques for working well with others, communication, problem-solving, time management, the hiring process, motivation, and morale.