Special Recognition


Videofied is an alarm system like you've never seen before.

The truth is undeniable: video-verified alarms are drastically more effective than traditional alarm systems. Time and again, the benefits reinforce each other:

  • Video verification of intruders leads to a priority response police dispatch.
  • Quicker dispatch, with immediate visual identification of the intruders, leads to more apprehensions and arrest.
  • More apprehensions and arrests lead to growing community support and continued priority response to video-verified alarms.


A video-verified alarm can make all the difference for all parties involved:

  • Police: verified response, more arrests, reduced crime
  • Property owners: reduced losses, enhanced peace of mind
  • Dealers: better value proposition, more results, happier customers 

Hear what Past President Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald (Story County, IA) says about Videofied.

Read County/City Cooperation Cleans Crime from Community from the July/August 2014 volume of Sheriff magazine.