Homeland Security Certification Board

The CHPP and CHPA are backed by a Certification Board that consists of recognized leaders in the Homeland Protection Arena.

Board members include law enforcement leaders, private industry security professionals, homeland security leadership, fire service leadership, emergency management leadership, and health and medical professionals. The certification board reviews all Certified Homeland Security Professional requirements and ensures that they meet the highest standard. The Board Certification provides an objective means of distinguishing highly competent homeland protection professionals from their less experienced peers.

Dr. John H. Bridges III

Chairman, Homeland Security Certification Board

Roland Cloutier

Staff VP, Global Chief Security Officer, ADP

Joshua Filler

Founder and President of Filler Security Strategies, Inc.

Mark Keim, M.D.

CEO, DisasterDoc, LLC

R. David Paulison

Owner, Global Emergency Solutions

Donald Jordan

Antiterrorism Program Coordinator, Inter-Sec Group

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