Certified Homeland Protection Professional (CHPP)

The Certified Homeland Protection Professional (CHPP) designation was established to ensure that an individual who possesses the designation has the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to be considered a professional in the area of homeland security

Those who hold the Certified Homeland Protection Professional (CHPP) designation are prepared to help their organizations prevent, protect against, prepare for, respond to, mitigate and recover from all hazards.

To determine the requirements for the Certified Homeland Protection Professional, the Certification Board conducted an analysis of homeland security related functions. The Certification Board determined a required blend of education and experience and requisite course work in the area of homeland protection.


General Requirements

  • U.S. Citizen or a Citizen of a Country in which the U.S. does not have Sanctions
  • At least 21 years of age
  • No felony convictions
  • No dishonorable discharge from the U.S. military (for U.S. Veterans only)
  • Neither a record of disciplinary action from any state, province or territory, or licensing or certification board within the past ten years nor subject under any such investigation
  • Current employment or volunteer in Public Safety and/or Security area.


At least four years of professional or volunteer experience in a Supervisory Position or function, with at least three of those years in a responsible charge is required for this level in any Public Safety or Security area (Law enforcement, criminal justice, emergency management, safety, fire/rescue, etc.) or related area (Public health, volunteer management, chaplains, etc.)


Associates or Bachelor Degree or a combination of work experience and classes attended (to be determined by the certification board)
Course work in the knowledge areas as approved by the Certification review committee. NSA Course Certificates, NDPCI Certificates, FEMA and DHS Course Certificates in the knowledge areas will be automatically accepted. CHPP Course Requirements


Upon successful completion of all requirements and official notification of approval, the candidate may use the CHPP designation following their name, either as individuals or as part of any grouping or region to which they belong.

Application Submission

Applicants must submit a completed application along with supporting documentation including a Driver’s License, resume, degree(s) or transcript(s) (if applicable), military record(s) (if applicable), and a copy of appropriate certifications or designations, and/or a copy of certificates from any completed homeland security related course (including those from DHS, FEMA, NSA and/or NDPCI). In addition, all U.S. Veterans must provide a copy of their DD-214 attesting no dishonorable discharge. Applicants can submit the documentation by mail or online.

CHPP Application Fee
Global Society Member  $495.00 Non-Member $595.00
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By Mail:
NSA Attention: Certification Dept
742 Ten Rod Rd
Exeter RI 02822


CHPP designees must accrue twenty-four (24) certification credits during each three-year recertification period. Certification credits include membership in professional organizations, course certificates, college courses, speaking engagements, service on non-profit boards, volunteerism, etc.

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