Drug-Impaired Driving Enforcement Training (DIDET)

NSA funding now available - Get support for your DIDET program!

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), with support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is offering funding for sheriff’s offices and law enforcement agencies to obtain drug-impaired driving enforcement training (DIDET).

Why is DIDET important?

Impaired driving is on the rise and leads to fatal crashes. A NHTSA special report, Examination of the Traffic Safety Environment During the Second Quarter Of 2020, showed there is evidence of increased alcohol use and higher drug use (including marijuana and opioids) among drivers. Many individuals are starting or increasing drug and alcohol use to cope with pandemic-related stress. The increasing legalization of marijuana in several states also contributes to the availability and acceptability of its use.

Click the map below for more information on cannabis legislation in the US.

Newly released research from five trauma centers revealed a higher prevalence of alcohol, cannabinoids, and opioids in crash victims during the public health emergency compared to before. For the most recent information, please see NHTSA’s recent publication here.

With more impaired drivers on America’s roads, NSA offers a means for training your deputies on how to recognize drug-impairment at the roadside.

Increased enforcement can save lives and NSA can help you get the training you need. Funding is available for both: 

  • Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE), and
  • Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Schools

Only new training will be supported; these contracts cannot be used to supplant previously funded and scheduled training. 

  • Awards will be provided in the form of a mutually approved contract between NSA and your sheriff’s office / law enforcement agency. 
  • The funding will be provided for delivery of training services with all allowable expenses to be reimbursed. Please see a copy of the NSA Budget Worksheet that should be completed and uploaded in the application form.
  • Reimbursements will be provided monthly.
  • Reporting requirements include a brief narrative describing the quantity of students trained, the agencies represented, and a summary of expenses incurred with each monthly invoice. 

Click here for the NSA DIDET application. 

Click here for NSA DIDET FAQs.