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The National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse was established to provide law enforcement officers information on the realities of animal abuse, and to promote their proactive involvement in the enforcement of animal abuse laws in their communities. Through our partners, the Center will serve as an information clearinghouse and forum for law enforcement on the growing problem of animal abuse, its link to other types of crimes, including violence against humans and officer-dog encounters.

NLECAA, intends to bring greater awareness to, and understanding by, our nation's law enforcement officers on the oftentimes misunderstood nature of animal abuse crimes and their link to violence against humans.



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The National Coalition on Violence against Animals (NCOVAA), is an independent collective of local, State, and national organizations that focuses on crimes against animals and the relationship of these crimes to other acts of violence by animal abuse perpetrators. Join Today!



Officer/Animal Encounters

► Law Enforcement/Dog Encounters

► State Animal Cruelty Laws

► Understanding Canine Behavior

► Investigating and Prosecuting Animal Abuse


Animal Abuse

► Animal Cruelty and Neglect

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► Beastiality

► Cruelty and Crimes Against Humans

► Domestic Violence and Animal Cruelty

► Hoarding

► Housing/Care of Animal Victims

► Juvenile Offenders

► Puppy Mills

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► Veterinary Issues

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Articles and White Papers

► Shooting Straight, Preventing Unnecessary Dog Shootings
► Officer Involved Shootings with Dogs
► NSA, ICE Black Box, and the Humane Society Partnering for Animals
► 2014 special edition of Deputy and Court Officer magazine, addressing issues on animal abuse


If your organization would like to be considered as National or Local Partner of the Center, please provide NSA with a short bio of your organization and a link to all your resources and trainings available to law enforcement. Additionally, we will need a logo of your organization. Contact:

Kaema Akpan, Director