The National Sheriffs' Association has teamed up with the Justice Clearinghouse to produce our popular webinars!

If you are interested in presenting a webinar, please contact Christina McCale at chris@justiceclearinghouse.com. You can check out all the webinar offerings JCH has to offer NSA here!

Knowing that justice professionals are always living with ever-shrinking budgets, Justice Clearinghouse’s goal is to bring conference-quality presenters to the justice community through webinars, thus eliminating the need for expensive travel, time-intensive attendance, and the frustration of trying to backfill positions. This also allows more of your team to benefit from the same great training content only a few could hear previously. 

What our partnership with JCH means for YOU:

  • All webinars are free to attend live.
  • A wide array of webinar topics, ranging from leadership and management to addressing mass casualty events, to dealing with cyber threats.
  • Interviews with expert speakers.
  • Infographics highlighting key topics of the webinars.
  • Other content relevant to law enforcement and public safety arena.

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