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Court Security Professional of the Year

2014 Court Security Professional of the Year

Deputy John Demase

Palm Beach County, Florida


NSA is pleased to announce that Deputy John Demase, of the Palm Beach County, Florida Sheriff’s Office, has been selected as the recipient of the 2014 Court Security Professional of the Year Award. 

Deputy Demase is an eleven-year veteran of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. He has been assigned to the Court Services Division for the past two years. The Division is comprised of one main courthouse and four satellite courthouses. Deputy Demase is currently a Field Training Officer and is responsible for training all new personnel assigned to the Court Services Division.

Recently a new security company took over the entry screening process for all Palm Beach County courthouses. Deputy Demase has trained the security screeners in proper screening techniques from a law enforcement perspective. He has trained the screeners uniformly at all five courthouses and taken screening techniques to a new level of professionalism and responsibility.

Deputy Demase redesigned the screening lanes and layout making entry into the building quicker, safer and more efficient. His design also ensures that in the vent of an emergency people are able to evacuate in a more direct route. Due to Deputy Demase’s focus and concern to security screening, the implementation of his ideas has created a more secure environment in the courthouses.

Deputy Demase also completely revamped the evacuation plan for the main courthouse seeking minimum guidance and supervision. He was able to incorporate Palm Beach Sheriff’s Law Enforcement, Corrections and the Palm Beach County Clerk of Court Office into one usable plan eliminating confusion and contradictions during an evacuation.

Deputy Demase took it upon himself to create a database for all keys issues to all courtroom deputies. It minimizes the cost of cutting new keys and added key control for all assigned courthouse keys. This database is another step to increase and improve the security throughout the courthouses.

As a unit training officer for courtroom security, Deputy Demase is constantly updating and improving the training program for new deputies assigned to courtroom security. He has developed training briefs issued to the deputies as an educational resource to learn their duties and responsibilities. He has also redesigned the daily evaluation form, which is utilized to assess the progress deputies make as they advance through their training.

All of these accomplishments and ideas, along with his daily duties make Deputy Demase a true court security professional.


This award recognizes a Court Security professional in any position who has created an innovative process, program or procedure that has contributed to the improvement of the court environment in security, safety, custody, or any other significant improvement in court security operations.


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