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Court Security Professional of the Year

2013 Court Security Professional of the Year
Deputy First Class William Oakley
Wicomico County, Maryland
NSA is pleased to announce that Deputy First Class William Oakley, of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland, has been selected as the recipient of the 2013 Court Security Professional of the Year Award. The Court Security Professional of the Year Award was presented at the General Session on Monday, June 24th at NSA’s Annual Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Deputy Oakley has been assigned to the Judicial Protection Unit since 2006 and has served at both the local District Court and the Circuit Court. The Judicial Protection Unit’s primary responsibility is the safeguarding of the county prisoners, the general security of the Circuit Court and the sanctity of the judicial process. Each year the Judicial Protection Unit handles over 2,000 prisoners, provides security for over 10,000 criminal and civil cases and screens over 200,000 civilians entering the courthouse.
As a busy Circuit Court, personnel are required to monitor not only the movement of prisoners between holding areas and courtrooms, but also the movement between prisoners themselves. Often in high profile or serious cases prisoner must be kept separated from one another. Within the last year, Deputy Oakley has instituted a system of tracking these special inmates and their locations with a unique classification system. Using the new system, all deputies can immediately recognize who is a state prisoner or county prisoner. More importantly, it makes it easier to recognize those prisoners that need to be kept apart or need to be in protective custody. Due to Deputy Oakley’s classification system, the staff are confident in their ability to both manage inmate movement and security while properly looking out for their well-being.
In addition to coordination the physical security of county inmates, Deputy Oakley has successfully acted as a supervisor of a unit consisting of eleven sworn and six civilians. With regard to the civilian staff, Deputy Oakley created and managed a rotating schedule that ensured not only adequate staffing at the court complex, but maintained happy employees.
This award recognizes a Court Security professional in any position who has created an innovative process, program or procedure that has contributed to the improvement of the court environment in security, safety, custody, or any other significant improvement in court security operations.