These resolutions have been voted on and approved by the NSA Board of Directors at the NSA Annual Conference in the years indicated.
The presentation and adoption of resolutions are governed by Article XIII, Section 6 of the NSA Constitution and Bylaws, which states:

Any resolution brought by a member of the Association or by a committee of the Association that is adopted by the membership and the Board of Directors/Executive Committee shall be considered adopted by the Association. Any such resolution establishing Association policy shall expire four (4) years after the date of its enactment. The third vice president of the Association shall be appointed as the chairman of the Resolution Committee by the President of the Association.


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2019 Resolutions

National Sheriffs' Association Supports the National Flag Foundation's 2019 Flag Day Initiative

2018 Resolutions

(Expire June 24, 2022)

2018-01 National Sheriffs' Association Supports a Joint Resolution with the International Association of Chiefs of Police Accepting the National Safety Council Position on Cannabis (Marijuana) and Driving Regarding THC Per Se Legislation
2018-02 National Sheriffs' Association Resolution on Youth Tried as Adults
2018-03 National Sheriffs' Association Supports FBI Call for Action on Encryption, a Major Public Safety Problem
2018-04 Support for 2018 Model Ordinance for Alarm Management and False Alarm Reduction
2018-05 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS)
2018-06 National Sheriffs' Association Supports Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program (D.A.R.E.)
2018-07 National Sheriffs' Association Adopts the NSA National Law Enforcement Cyber Investigators Program, Trained and Certifed by NSA
2018-08 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the Inventorying, Testing, and Tracking of All Rape Kits Connected to a Reported Crime
2018-09 National Sheriffs' Association Endorses Growth through Opportunity (GTO)
2018-10 National Sheriffs' Association Supports Protection of Spectrum used in Support of Law Enforcement
2018-11 National Sheriffs' Association Recognizes and Supports Results-Based Solutions That Address or Solve the Multitude of Challenges That Ineffective Border Security has Caused Our Nation
2018-12 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the Enforcement Partnership Known as the Basi Ordering Agreement (BOA) between DHS (ICE), Major County Sheriffs of America (MCSA), and NSA That Aims to Prevent the Release of Criminal Aliens 
2018-13 National Sheriffs' Association Supports Seamless Interoperability of 9-1-1 and Next Generation 9-1-1 Networks 
2018-14 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the Efforts of Stop Underrides and Advocacy for Commerical Vehicle Safety
2018-15 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the Mission of National School Safety Guidelines and Recognizes Our Schools as Critical Infrastructure Requiring the Protection of America's Classrooms, Students, Teachers and Staff
2018-16 Executive Committee Resolution: Family Unit Crisis Remediation


2017 Resolutions

(Expire June 26, 2021)

2017-01 National Sheriffs' Association Acknowledges the Elected Office of Sheriff as the Chief Local Law Enforcement Office throughout Our Nation
2017-02 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the Mission of the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security in Stopping Illegal Immigration and Securing Our Borders
2017-03 National Sheriffs' Association Resolution in Opposition to Local Unfunded Mandates
2017-04 National Sheriffs' Association Demonstrates the Benefits of Ridesharing through Ongoing Support for Ridesharing Programs Such As Lyft
2017-05 National Sheriffs' Association Opposes Any Increase in Size or Weight of Large Trucks at All Levels of Government 
2017-06 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the Use of Non-Narcotic Evidence-Based Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Dependence in County Jails
2017-07 National Sheriffs' Association Opposes Drug Importation Legislation which Jeopardizes Law Enforcement's Ability to Protect the Public Health and Endangers the Safety of Law Enforcement and Other First Responders


2016 Resolutions

(Expire June 26, 2020)

2016-01 National Sheriffs' Association Ongoing Support of the Right to Elect the Office of Sheriff
2016-02 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the Term "Verified Alarm" and Prioritizing Verified Alarm Responses
2016-03 National Sheriffs' Association Supports Efforts to Improve Access to Abuse-Deterrent Opioids 
2016-04 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the Big Cat Public Safety Act
2016-05 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the Man Up Crusade
2016-06 National Sheriffs' Association Supports Front and Rear Reflectorized License Plates
2016-07 National Sheriffs' Association Supports Efforts of the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police
2016-08 National Sheriffs' Association Supports the ESSCC CERRA Program
2016-09 National Sheriffs' Association Endorses and Formalizes Support for the National Flag Foundation's United States Flag Disposal Box Initiative

2015 Resolutions

(Expire June 19, 2019)

2015-01 National Sheriffs’ Association Urges the Federal Government to Strengthen Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Measures to Ensure the Safety of the Nation 
2015-02 National Sheriffs’ Association Opposes Efforts to Legalize Medical and Recreational Marijuana
2015-03 National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Mandatory Body Armor and Seatbelt Wear Policies
2015-04 National Sheriffs’ Association Supports the Establishment of Regulations Regarding the Use of Shackles on Pregnant Inmates
2015-05 National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Effective Sentencing and Corrections Policy
2015-06 National Sheriffs’ Association Supports the Stepping Up Initiative to Reduce the Number of People with Mental Illnesses in Jails
2015-07 National Sheriffs’ Association Recognizes the Severity of Threats to the Electricity Grid Networks and the Urgency of Actions Needed to Assess, Plan, and Implement More Secure Networks
2015-08 National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Effective Juvenile Justice Policy
2015-09 National Sheriffs’ Association Recognizes May 25th as National Missing Children’s Day and Supports the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Take 25 Initiative
2015-10 National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Strengthening the Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution Act