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Explorer Post Advisor of the Year

2014 Explorer Post Advisor of the Year
Deputy James Butterfield
Pinellas County, Florida


NSA is pleased to announce that Deputy James Butterfield of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Largo, Florida has been selected as the recipient of the 2014 Law Enforcement Explorer Post Advisor Award. 

Deputy Butterfield has been employed by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office since October 2001. He became the lead advisor for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post 900 in 2011. At the time, 18 active explorers were enrolled. Today, the Post has a new vision with an emphasis on “making a positive impact on kids.” Due to the efforts of Deputy Butterfield’s recruitment, the Post currently has 53 explorers.

Knowing that communication is key to maintaining a solid organization, Deputy Butterfield works with other members of the agency to ensure that current and prospective members, their parents, school administrators, and agency members will receive the calendar of events, news, membership information and contact information. Deputy Butterfield oversees a website that highlights all of this important information.

The post meets weekly for two and half hours. Meetings include physical training and law enforcement training, which involves practical exercises and scenario based training. The post is comprised of several teams including the State Competition Team, Shooting Team, Honor Guard Team, and Drill Team. Each team attends several competitions each year except for the Honor Guard who is called upon to perform at special events.

All explorers are given the opportunity to perform community service by working “details” for the post. These “details” give the explorers valuable experience in performing law enforcement function while giving back to their communities. The “details” are usually related to performing security or traffic control at sheriff, county or city events. Deputy Butterfield coordinates the “details” and works alongside the explorers.

Deputy Butterfield has made a dramatic difference in the structure, success, and reputation of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post. He has worked varied and endless hours to provide a program with as much opportunity for the members as possible. He has built strong relationships, not only with his chain of command, but also with the Boy Scouts of America, municipal leaders, local businesses, range facilities, youth associations and various other organizations to gain support for the Explorer program. Deputy Butterfield makes himself available to his Post members at any time and can be trusted to deal with sensitive issues in the most professional way. He is a mentor, counselor, trainer, coach and one of the best advocated the members could ever expect. 

NSA established the Law Enforcement Explorer Post Advisor Award in 1988 to recognize a post advisor for outstanding contributions to a law enforcement explorer post sponsored by a sheriff's office. Candidates are judged on their recruiting efforts, size of post and tenure of explorers, written program plans, explorer training, and post activities. This award is sponsored by GTL.


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