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Institute for Jail Operations

The Institute for Jail Operations, a division of the NSA Center for Public Safety, was formed in 2011 at the request of sheriffs across the United States. Recognizing that jails are one of the most litigious and largest liability concerns a sheriff faces, and the fact that sheriffs operate over 85% of the jails in the United States, it makes sense that the National Sheriffs' Association focuses its efforts on providing leadership, resources and training for jails.

Jail Officer Certification

NSA has created the Jail Certification Program at the NSA Center for Public Safety to provide professional designation to jail officers, supervisors, administrators and sheriffs who possess the requisite understanding, knowledge, skills, experience and abilities to function to the level of their achieved certification.
The Certification Board established a thorough analysis of primary functions and knowledge of jail operations and administration management for each designated certification, combining experience and education coupled with testing to ensure comprehension of critical areas of focus. Click here for more information.


Several different services are available, such as online training, jail seminars, articles written by the foremost corrections experts, model policy and the legal-based jail guidelines. 

Online Programs

Earn a NSA Certificate with successful completion of any of the three available online jail management courses. Students enrolled in a CSU degree program, or who later enroll in a program, may be able to receive credit hours toward elective requirements. Click here for details.
The Jail Evacuation course is designed to address the needs of Sheriffs and Jail Commanders who may encounter a situation in which their jail must be evacuated. The course provides background information on terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Exercises and discussions are designed to support and guide participants through the learning processes required to develop a jail evacuation plan. Click here for more information.
The DACOTA curriculum is designed specifically for sheriffs, jail administrators and supervisors and is filled with interactive video and engaging online jail training. Click here to start today.

Live Training Seminars

Click here to view the schedule of these trainings. To host one of these training seminars, Contact NIJO staff and request additional information.

This seminar will provide an overview of the hottest topics jail administrators’ face, along with updates involving trends in litigation. Prisoners file more litigation than any other group in the United States. 
This workshop provides a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of risk management and civil liability protection. 
This training seminar will delve into various aspects of the duty to protect those who are confined to their facilities from both legal and operational perspectives. 
This seminar will focus on practical information concerning the overall management of a jail
hostage situation and provide participants with specific jail information as well as special emergency planning strategies that are designed to enhance the effectiveness of jail emergency operational strategies.
This course will provide instruction on the essential elements of: (1) corrections law, and (2) limiting vulnerability to prisoner litigation. 
This session will provide jail personnel with an overview of the elements of emergency planning and a model process which helps ensure the development of a comprehensive emergency plan for their department. 
The mission of this training focuses on providing the trainee with both the concepts and the techniques, or skills, for being a humane leader. 

NSA Jail Correspondence Training Programs

Thousands of students have graduated from the Jail Officer's Training Program and the First/Second Line Supervisor's Training Program, and the success of these programs continues to flourish. From the volume of informational requests received daily about these programs, we anticipate continued growth as public safety/criminal justice agencies become increasingly aware of the ongoing training needed to carry out their duties.  Click here to learn more about these Jail Correspondence Training Programs.

Jail Resources

The National Sheriffs’ Association is committed to providing the best resources available to make jails safer, more secure and protect against liability and adverse publicity. Click here for additional jail resources.

Technical Assistance and Requests for Info

The requests for assistance received by this section vary from someone seeking policies relating to major events/community functions, use of force, work release, or vehicular pursuit; to a department requesting information on sources of funding for building a new jail. This section responds to these requests by either furnishing the information available through NSA or by referring callers to the appropriate agency that can provide the information sought. It has always been and will continue to be the goal of this section to respond to the numerous requests in a timely manner.  Email NSA's Jail Operations Section or call 800-424-7827 for assistance and requests.