Crime Victim Services Award

2017 Crime Victim Services Award

Canyon County, Idaho, Sheriff's Office

The NSA Crime Victim Services Award was established in 2005 with funding from the Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice. Since 2008, Appriss Safety has generously sponsored the award. NSA’s Domestic Violence and Crime Victim Services Committee, chaired by Sheriff Kathy Witt, administers this award program that recognizes “outstanding achievement by a Sheriff’s Office in support of victims.” The award recipient for 2017 is Canyon County, Idaho, Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), a full-service agency responsible for a jurisdiction of over 600 square miles, under the leadership of Sheriff Kieran Donahue.

The CCSO is one of only three Sheriff’s Offices in Idaho that has a Victim Witness Coordinator, Ms. Aleshea Boals. Moreover, it was one of the first law enforcement agencies in the nation to mandate in 2013 that command staff, deputies, and dispatchers take a course from the National Strangulation Training Institute to better detect the signs of strangulation in victims, especially domestic violence victims. Also in 2013, Sheriff Donahue initiated the Canyon County Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony to honor Idaho peace officers killed in the line of duty.

In 2015, the CCSO launched the “Start By Believing” campaign to improve law enforcement’s understanding of and response to sexual assault. The goal of this campaign is to ensure that victims feel supported during each stage of an investigation and prosecution, and know that deputies are committed to listening to them.

The Sheriff’s Office has also played an integral role in the collaborative success of the Family Justice Center (FJC) in the county’s largest city of Nampa. The FJC is a multi-agency partnership dedicated to ending family violence and sexual assault through prevention and response by providing comprehensive, client-centered services in a single location. CCSO staff serve on the FJC Advisory Board and Sheriff Donahue is a past president of the Family Justice Center Foundation of Idaho.

In addition, staff at the Sheriff’s Office participate each October in National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and have been recognized for their commitment to victims as recipients of the “You Helped Save Me Award” from Turn Up the Volume on Domestic Violence. And, the CCSO chaplain works at the Valley Women & Children’s Shelter in Nampa to assist homeless victims.

Finally, the Man Up Crusade, founded by Sheriff Donahue and his wife Jeanie in 2012, is a non-profit foundation dedicated to raising awareness about domestic violence and its impact on victims and society. Sponsors of the Man Up Crusade include Wrangler and Montana Silversmith, and the Crusade has partnered with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and Professional Bull Riders, Inc. to bring “Purple Night” to rodeos, bull ridings and county and State fairs throughout the United States. Participants and attendees are encouraged to wear purple during these events to show solidarity around the crime of domestic violence. As of 2016, the Man Up Crusade and the Purple Night events have expanded into eleven States. The Crusade also helps to raise funds for local domestic violence services, and between 2013 and 2016 has donated nearly $90,000 to localities throughout the U.S.

In summary, the many outstanding achievements in support of crime victims by Sheriff Donahue and staff of the Sheriff’s Office are far reaching – going beyond Canyon County and even the State of Idaho to communities across the nation.

2018 NSA Crime Victim Services Award

The National Sheriffs' Association recognizes that victims of crime have unique needs and that appropriate assistance to victims should be provided by law enforcement as early as possible in the response process.

In an effort to focus more national and local attention on law enforcement services provided to victims of crime, NSA annually recognizes a Sheriff's Office that has demonstrated outstanding achievement in support of victims with the NSA Crime Victim Services Award. The award is generously sponsored by Appriss Safety.

Presentation of the award is made during a plenary session at NSA's Annual Conference. The Sheriff and Victim Services Coordinator of the recipient Office receive an all-expense paid trip to the Conference. An article is also placed in the Conference Program, recognizing the vision, leadership, and action of the Sheriff and his/her staff to improve the lives of victims in the aftermath of a crime. And, the Sheriff and Coordinator are invited to make a presentation about their victim services program at NSA's Crime Victim Services Committee meeting.

Nominations for the Crime Victim Services Award may be submitted by any individual or organization. The Sheriff of the nominated Office must be an NSA member. Nominations should include a brief overview of the Sheriff's Office, and then address the following questions, in addition to any other achievements of the Office that the nominating individual or organization may wish to highlight:

  • What accomplishments has the nominated Sheriff's Office made on behalf of crime victims and how are those accomplishments innovative and unique?
  • How has the nominee's victim services and/or programs impacted the local citizenry?
  • How have the actions of the nominee influenced the policies, practices, and attitudes toward crime victims by its other governmental/non-governmental partner organizations in the community?

The deadline for receipt of nominations by NSA is December 14, 2017. Nominations should be no more than 10 pages in length, including attachments, and should not include DVDs, CDs, etc. Mail nominations to the attention of Jessica Vanderpool at NSA (1450 Duke Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314). For further information, contact Jessica at 703-838-5303.

Past Recipients

2017 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Canyon County, Idaho, Sheriff's Office
2016 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Charleston County, South Carolina, Sheriff’s Office
2015 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Fayette County, Kentucky, Sheriff's Office


2014 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Arapahoe County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office


2013 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Orange County, Florida, Sheriff's Office


2012 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Travis County, Texas, Sheriff's Office


2011 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Orangeburg County, South Carolina, Sheriff's Office


2010 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Douglas County, Colorado, Sheriff's Office.


2009 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Cherokee County, North Carolina, Sheriff's Office.


2008 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, Sheriff's Office.


2007 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff's Office.


2006 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Monroe County, Georgia, Sheriff's Office.


2005 Recipient of Crime Victim Services Award: Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, Sheriff's Office.