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These resolutions have been voted on and approved by the NSA Board of Directors at the NSA Annual Conference in the years indicated.

2016 Resolutions


2015 Resolutions

2015 – 01  National Sheriffs’ Association Urges the Federal Government to Strengthen Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Measures to Ensure the Safety of the Nation 

2015 – 02  National Sheriffs’ Association Opposes Efforts to Legalize Medical and Recreational Marijuana

2015 – 03  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Mandatory Body Armor and Seatbelt Wear Policies

2015 – 04  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports the Establishment of Regulations Regarding the Use of Shackles on Pregnant Inmates

2015 – 05  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Effective Sentencing and Corrections Policy

2015 – 06  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports the Stepping Up Initiative to Reduce the Number of People with Mental Illnesses in Jails

2015 – 07  National Sheriffs’ Association Recognizes the Severity of Threats to the Electricity Grid Networks and the Urgency of Actions Needed to Assess, Plan, and Implement More Secure Networks

2015 – 08  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Effective Juvenile Justice Policy

2015 – 09  National Sheriffs’ Association Recognizes May 25th as National Missing Children’s Day and Supports the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Take 25 Initiative

2015 – 10  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Strengthening the Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution Act


2014 Resolutions

2014 – 01  National Sheriffs’ Association Recognizes America’s Right To Vote For The Office Of Sheriff

2014 – 02  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Efforts To Reduce Instances Of Driving While Under The Influence Of Marijuana

2014 – 03  National Sheriffs’ Association Opposes Any Increase In Size Or Weight Of Large Trucks At All Levels Of Government

2014 – 04  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports The Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) Program

2014 – 05  National Sheriffs’ Association Leads Efforts To Treat Traffic Crash Victims As Victims Of Crime

2014 – 06  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports State Alarm Licensing

2014 – 07  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Alarm Industry Use Of The FIRSTNET Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network

2014 – 08  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports AT&T’s It Can Wait Campaign

2014 – 09  National Sheriffs’ Association And The International Association Of Chiefs Of Police Support National Move Over Initiative

2014 – 10  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Early Childhood Programs As A Public Safety Investment

2014 – 11  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Efforts By The States To Reduce The Availability Of Methamphetamine Precursors

2014 – 12  National Sheriffs’ Association Supports The radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education Program


2013 Resolutions


2012 Resolutions