One voice for the Office of Sheriff

Deputy Sheriff


Awards Committee (Meet Winter Only)
Co-Chair: Mr. John Appleton, ABL Management Inc, LA
Co-Chair: Sheriff (Ret) Wayne Gay, Wilson Co., NC
Vice Chair: Sheriff Danny Glick, Laramie Co., WY
Staff Liaison:  Ross Mirmelstein
Chaplains Committee
Chair: Sheriff Blake Dorning, Madison Co., AL
Vice Chair: Sheriff Ira Edwards, Clarke Co., GA
Staff Liaison: Meghan Reed
CJIS/Technology Committee
Chair: Sheriff Mike Brown, Bedford Co., VA
Vice Chair: Sheriff Gary Maha, Genesee Co., NY
Staff Liaison: Fred Wilson
Committee of State Sheriffs’ Associations
Chair: Steve Casey, FL
Vice Chair: John Armeno, NJ
Secretary: Mitch Barker, WA
Treasurer:  Steve Westbrook, TX
Sergeant-at-Arms: Bryon Oedekoven, WY
Immediate Past President: Steve Luce, IN
Staff Liaison: John Thompson
Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Chair: Sheriff (Ret) David Goad, Allegany Co., MD
Staff Liaison: Richard Weintraub
Court Security, Transportation of Prisoners and Civil Process Committee
Chair: Sheriff John Zaruba, DuPage Co., IL
Vice Chair: Sheriff Larry D. Amerson, Calhoun Co., AL
Staff Liaison: Hilary Burgess
Crime Prevention/Private Security Committee
Chair: Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn, Wood Co., OH
Vice Chair: Mr. Stan Martin, Frisco, TX
Crime Victim Services Committee
Chair:  Sheriff Craig Webre, Lafourche Parish, LA
Vice Chair: Sheriff John Whetsel, Oklahoma Co., OK
Staff Liaisons: Tim Woods
Domestic Violence Committee
Chair: Sheriff Kathy Witt, Fayette Co., KY
Staff Liaison: Tim Woods
Drug Enforcement Committee
Chair: Sheriff Keith R. Cain, Daviess Co., KY
Vice Chair: Sheriff Mike Milstead, Minnehaha Co., SD
Staff Liaison: Ed Hutchison
Endorsements/Marketing Committee
Chair: Sheriff Paul H. Fitzgerald, Story Co., IA
Staff Liaison:
Ferris E. Lucas Award for Sheriff of the Year Committee (Meet Winter Only)
Chair: Mr. Stephen Doyle, Vienna, VA
Staff Liaison: Ross Mirmelstein
Global Policing Affairs Committee
Co-Chair: Sheriff Paul H. Fitzgerald, Story Co., IA
Co-Chair: Sheriff Rich Stanek, Hennepin Co., MN
Staff Liaison: Breanna Bock-Nielsen
Governmental Affairs Committee
Chair: Sheriff John Cary Bittick, Monroe Co., GA
Vice Chair: Sheriff B.J. Roberts, City of Hampton, VA
Staff Liaison: Breanna Bock-Nielsen
Homeland Security Committee
Chair: Sheriff Rich Stanek, Hennepin Co., MN
Co-Vice Chair: Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Harris Co., TX 
Co-Vice Chair: Sheriff Brad Riley, Cabarrus Co., NC 
Staff Liaison:
Immigration & Border Security Committee
Chair:  Sheriff (ret) Ted Sexton, Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Vice Chair: Sheriff Clint McDonald, Terrell Co., TX
Staff Liaison: Breanna Bock-Nielsen
Indian Affairs Committee
Chair: Sheriff Michael Leidholt, Hughes Co., SD
Vice Chair:  Sheriff Skip Hornecker, Freemont Co., WY
Interim Staff Liaison: Breanna Bock-Nielsen
Jail, Detention and Corrections Committee
Chair: Sheriff Stanley Glanz, Tulsa Co., OK
Vice Chair: Sheriff Dennis Conard, Scott Co., IA      
Staff Liaison: Fred Wilson
Legal Affairs Committee
Chair: Sheriff Greg Champagne, St. Charles Parish, LA
Co-Vice Chair: Sheriff Dennis Conard, Scott Co., IA
Co-Vice Chair: Sheriff Mike Hale, Jefferson Co., AL
Staff Liaison: Richard Weintraub
Membership Committee
Chair: Sheriff Ted Kamatchus, Marshall Co., IA         
Vice Chair: Sheriff Mike Leidholt, Hughes Co., SD
Staff Liaison: John Thompson & Lindsay Hopkins
National Service Associates, Inc  (Meet Winter Only)
President: Sheriff John Aubrey, Jefferson Co., KY
1st Vice President: Sheriff Danny Glick, Laramie, WY
Staff Liaison: Barb Dossey
NSI Standards, Ethics, Education and Training, and Accreditation Committee
Chair: Sheriff Larry Amerson, Calhoun Co., AL
Vice Chair: Sheriff Gabriel Morgan, City of Newport News, VA
Staff Liaison: Hilary Burgess
Nominating Committee (Meet Annual Only)
Chair:  Sheriff Ted Kamatchus, Marshall Co. IA
Reserve Law Enforcement Officers Committee
Chair:  Sheriff Vernon Stanforth, Fayett Co., OH   
Staff Liaison: Linda Foldvik 
Resolutions Committee (Meet Annual Only)
Chair: Sheriff Harold Eavenson, Rockwall Co., TX (3rd VP) 
Staff Liaison: Tim Woods
Small, Rural Sheriffs Committee (Meet Annual Only)
Chair: Sheriff William Brueggemann, Cass Co., NE
Staff Liaison: Meghan Reed
Special Operations Committee
Chair: Sheriff Paul Laney, Cass Co, ND   
Vice Chair: Sheriff Kevin Walsh, Onondaga Co., NY  
Staff Liaison:
Traffic Safety Committee
Chair: Sheriff John Whetsel, Oklahoma Co., OK
Vice Chair: Sheriff Dennis Conard, Scott Co., IA
Staff Liaison: Ed Hutchison
Youth Programs and Juvenile Justice Committee
Chair: Sheriff Steven Sparrow, Oldham Co., KY
Vice Chair: Under Sheriff Ted Freeman, Monmouth Co., NJ  
Staff Liaison: