2020 NSA Photo Contest


NSA is pleased to announce the third edition of its photo contest. Last staged in 2016, the photo contest will showcase images from the duties of law enforcement as depicted by the people who protect and serve every day.

The photographs entered will be judged based on creativity, quality, and originality in six categories:

  1. Sheriffs: The focal point of these images must be the sheriff; these should be candid shots and not the sheriff's official headshot/photo.
  2. Jails, Corrections, Detention: These images should clearly depict a sheriff or deputy working in a correctional setting; while incarcerated individuals may be in the photos, please ensure you have their permission or that they are blurred from the image. Also, the incarcerated individual must not be the focal point of the image.
  3. Court Security: These images should showcase a sheriff's office's work in dealing with court security. The focus of these images should be the sheriff or deputy.
  4. K9s: Images in this category should be candid shots of a sheriff's office's K9, with or without the dog's handler. These should not be official photos of the dogs.
  5. Patrol: The subject of these photos candid images of deputies or other sheriff's office personnel working in patrol operations, or images of patrol vehicles. 
  6. Miscellaneous: Images in this category may or may not fall into one of the above categories; they can include things like images from a memorial service, community projects, interesting crime scene investigations (although gore should be kept to a minimum), touching animal or child rescues, or other imagery. 

Please limit entries to categories 1 through 5 to one image per agency; agencies may submit multiple entries for the Miscellaneous category.

Entries can also be emailed to NSA's Communcations and Marketing Specialist Chelsea Rider at crider@sheriffs.org.

Finalists will appear on the NSA website and voting will be online in August. 

Winners will appear in the November/December 2020 issue of Sheriff & Deputy magazine.