Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Help Raise Funds for Down Syndrome Association of Brevard

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Nora and Hailey were at it again working to raise funds for the ‘Down Syndrome Association of Brevard’.

Last week a beautiful day and it provided the perfect opportunity for me to join our West Precinct Deputies for some great refreshments and popsicles, as we – and funds for Brevard’s Down Syndrome Association.

Knowing that it takes a community to protect a community, Nora and Hailey’s Popsicle Stand was created to raise money for the Down Syndrome Association of Brevard that provides services to over 400 families who have a loved one with Down Syndrome.

All of the proceeds go to help local families, with things such as copays, specialist services, uncovered therapies and even custom orthotic shoe inserts. Nora and Hailey have been best friends almost since birth, and have joined together for the first year of what they hope will be an annual event to raise money for a great organization.