NSA to Aid Law Enforcement Officers and Their Families in Texas and The Gulf Coast Region in Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey


The National Sheriffs’ Association established an account as a part of its Educational Foundation to receive financial donations in 2005 to assist law enforcement employees and their families impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Since then, NSA has also supported law enforcement families during the Oklahoma floods and hurricane Sandy.

Today, Hurricane Harvey has law enforcement officers on the streets in Texas working to save lives and to restore order in their communities, even though they may have personally lost all that they own. Some have families in shelters, while others had their families evacuated out of the devastated community that they call home. When these individuals have finished helping their communities, they will need help restoring order to their own lives, to help their own families to begin the healing process, and to start the heartbreaking process of recovery.

“It is at times like these, when members of the law enforcement community are in professional and personal need as they struggle to serve the people of their larger communities, that we must step up to recognize their efforts and move to provide all the support that we can, said NSA Executive Director Jonathan Thompson. “We must come together as a family of law enforcement and law enforcement employees and extend helping hands in support of our common mission.”

NSA Past President, Sheriff Greg Champagne, Saint Charles parish, LA, added, “I have personally seen the toll these events take on our law enforcement personnel and their families here in Louisiana. They work to exhaustion in these devastated areas and go home to even more problems; it is time we unite in support of them.”

Donate online or download a mailable donation form here

Checks should be sent to the National Sheriffs’ Association
1450 Duke Street, Alexandria Virginia 22314
and made payable to the NSA Educational Foundation

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