NSA Receives Grant to Raise Awareness of Opioid Epidemic

The National Sheriffs’ Association has received a grant from Alkermes, Inc. to spearhead a nationwide campaign to raise awareness among law enforcement of the alarming opioid epidemic.  The project will educate Sheriffs and jail administrators about comprehensive Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs as an evidence-based practice to help those within a correctional setting recover from substance use disorders involving opioids – both prescription drugs and heroin. Substance use disorder is a chronic brain disease that can be prevented and treated, and from which people can recover.  NSA plans to reduce recidivism by preventing relapse through substance use disorder treatment including the implementation of MAT programs and community links to recovery services; as well as efforts to reduce stigma by improving law enforcement personnel’s knowledge of opioid use disorder.  For further information, please contact Jessica Vanderpool at jessica@sheriffs.org or by phone at 703-838-5303.