National Neighborhood Watch Releases New Technology Platform to Reduce Crime in Communities

National Sheriffs’ Association, the creators of the National Neighborhood Watch program, are launching a new Safe City Platform.

The National Neighborhood Watch has released a new version of Neighborhood Watch. The National Sheriffs’ Association looked at the technologies the public uses to post information on social media sites and utilizes that technology to help turn the Neighborhood Watch into a more tech savvy institution. 

The Safe City Platform incorporates the technology of using the BlackBox Digital Witness mobile app along with video doorbells and IP cameras to create a new safety net of protection.  This safety net can help deter criminals from entering the neighborhoods by posting the new signs and employing the new platform.  Criminals will know that anyone in the neighborhood can record video and send it directly to their neighborhood watch captain and or to participating local law enforcement within seconds.  The application can also be used to report terrorism, suspicious behavior and animal abuse.