Sheriffs Call for Immediate Congressional Action to Eliminate the Drug Cartels

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) is calling on Congress to take immediate action on cartels, especially considering the Americans killed in Mexico last week. New initiatives in Congress are calling on the US Government to use more determined tools to degrade, undermine and eliminate the most powerful drug cartels in Mexico. NSA applauds these efforts and asks Congress to use its broad legislative authorities to build a comprehensive system of manpower and other tools to prevent illicit drugs from being produced, smuggled, and sold on American streets. 

“The nation’s sheriffs strongly support the American people’s continued demand that our federal government use whatever means appropriate to combat these deadly cartels,” stated Sheriff Jim Skinner, chair of the National Sheriffs’ Association Government Affairs Committee. He went further,

“Without clear, determined and strong action against the Mexican cartels and their partners, we are witnessing the destruction of our families and communities. We must use the means necessary to undermine the cartels now.”

Two of the most dangerous cartels are the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. But the list also includes the Beltran-Levya Cartel, the Los Zetas, the Gulf Cartel, the Tijuana Cartel, and the La Familia Michoacana/Knights Templar Cartel. Last month, NSA joined the other associations in the American Sheriff Alliance in imploring the American public to demand that their elected officials use every available sanction and accountability tool to combat the atrocities committed against the United States and its people by the drug cartels in Mexico.