On Two Separate Days, Deputies Save Two Lives at the Same Location

Shortly after 11pm on Monday, June 29th, a 16-year-old girl was reported to be at the top of the parking structure across the street from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office location at 215 SW Adams Avenue in Hillsboro. Before police arrived, several deputies from the Washington County Jail quickly responded to the location. After several minutes of speaking with the girl, our deputies were able to secure her from the outside railing where she was preparing to jump. The quick actions by these jail deputies undoubtedly saved her life.

The following afternoon, another female was on the top floor of the parking structure in similar circumstances. WCSO Jail Commander Caprice Massey was first on the scene and discovered the woman in crisis communicated using sign language. Commander Massey, who luckily knows sign language, was able to communicate with her along with a member of our Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU). They were eventually able to convince the woman to climb back over the railing to safety.