J. Stannard Baker Award For Highway Safety

2016 J. Stannard Baker Award For Highway Safety

Sheriff Clint Strum

Grundy County, Tennessee

The National Sheriffs’ Association is pleased to announce that Sheriff Clint Shrum of Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, Altamont, Tennessee has been selected as the winner of the J. Stannard Baker Award for Traffic Safety.  Sheriff Shrum accepted the award on behalf of his sheriff’s office and the proud men and women who makes his work in traffic safety possible.  The award was presented at the NSA’s Opening General Session with NSA President Sheriff Greg Champagne, the 37th Deputy Attorney General of the United States Rod Rosenstein, Mr. John Marshall, Director of the Office of Safety Programs for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and Retired Sheriff John Whetsel, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, Chairman of the NSA Traffic Safety Committee.

This lifetime achievement award recognizes a sheriff or deputy sheriff’s work and outstanding contributions to traffic safety.  The award is sponsored by the United States Department of Transportation - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, and the National Sheriffs’ Association’s Traffic Safety Committee.  Recognizing Traffic Safety as a conduit to curb deaths and injuries on our nation’s roadways but also as a means to curb other crimes in our communities, the award recognizes unusual initiative and imagination in developing and promulgating traffic safety programs.

With twenty seven years in traffic safety and law enforcement, Sheriff Shrum began his law enforcement career in 1990 with the Tracy City Police Department and continued with the Winchester Police Department during which he served as the Governor’s Highway Safety Office.  His work on the Click It or Ticket campaign, the development of the first child passenger safety and DUI enforcement programs were exemplary during these years.  In 2006, Shrum worked with the Cumberland Region Law Enforcement Liaison, coordinating 28 counties and 85 different agencies and oversaw the ARIDE program specifically, training over 1,000 law enforcement personnel and a 29% decrease in fatalities.  When he was elected Sheriff in 2014,  Sheriff Shrum immediately partnered with his surrounding police departments of Monteagle and Tracy City, the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and all first responders.  He adopted the Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Safety, linking traffic and other crime area nexuses, certified all of his road deputies in SFST, Advanced Roadside Impairment Driving Enforcement (ARIDE), and one Drug Recognition Expert.  Sheriff Shrum increased seat belt compliance to 73% under his short tenure as sheriff.

“Sheriff Shrum took over (the sheriff’s office) in September 1, 2014 and started right away by implementing radar in patrol unit to help slow down traffic on Grundy County roadways.  The sheriff’s office participated in…Booze it Lose It, Click It or Ticket, DUI Enforcement and encouraged deputies to focus on traffic enforcement and reducing traffic crashes.  In 2014, Grundy County finished with 10 fatalities…in 2015, Grundy County finished with 0 fatalities.  This was the first time in 20+ years that this has happened in Grundy County.” – Chief Deputy Tony Bean

Clint is a graduate of the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and holds his degree in Theology and Criminal Justice Administration.  Additionally, he holds a number of instructorships including that of Drug Recognition Expert.  He is a five time national winner of the National Law Enforcement Challenge for excellence in Traffic Safety.  Sheriff Shrum is an active community member, serving as the associate pastor of the Living Water Church, serving Team Honduras in humanitarian work, and is married to his wife of 20 years, Eileen and has a 13 year old daughter, Hannah.

The Mission of the Grundy County Sheriff's Office is to lawfully and ethically carry out the duties mandated by the State of Tennessee while protecting the rights of all citizens as provided by the State Constitution and the United States Constitution. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office will maintain social order and provide professional law enforcement services to citizens in the community, within prescribed ethical, budgetary, and constitutional constraints.  This agency strives to enforce the law and maintain order in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing the need for justice, and consistent appearance of justice.  The Sheriff recognizes that no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without supportive input from the citizens it serves.  This agency actively solicits and encourages the cooperation of all citizens to reduce and limit the opportunities for crime and to assist in bringing to justice those that break the law.

Award Information

The deadline for submitting to the 2017 J. Stannard Baker Award for Highway Safety is May 1, 2018.  To submit your application, click here.  If you have submitted in the past, please consider submitting again!

Sponsored by NHTSA, and Northwestern University Center for Public Safety.


Sponsored by the National Sheriffs' Association, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, and OnStar, the prestigious J. Stannard Baker Award for Highway Safety recognizes individual law enforcement officers and others who have made significant lifetime achievements in highway safety. The award is designed to recognize law enforcement officers and others who have made significant contributions to, or outstanding achievements in, highway safety over the course of their career.
The National Sheriffs' Association is dedicated to promoting exemplary performance and creative approaches to enforcing traffic safety within the office of sheriff and those who support their efforts. Through partnerships with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, and OnStar, NSA works to recognize excellence in local community programs and national attention through the J. Stannard Baker Award.

Northwestern University Center for Public Safety is proud to sponsor the J. Stannard Baker Award. J. Stannard Baker, while working with the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety (formally the Traffic Institute) developed a mathematical and physics approach to crash investigation that has been replicated worldwide. J. Stannard Baker was well known as a pioneer in the broad field of traffic safety.  The lives saved through one man’s brilliant initiative is immeasurable. The Center for Public Safety continues in this tradition of "Advancing Excellence". The advancements of the Traffic Institute and J. Stannard Baker live on in the spirit of law enforcement officers working to advance the field of crash investigation and traffic safety.

Categories and Criteria

Development of Unique Law Enforcement/Community Traffic Safety Programs: This is to recognize an employee (officer, deputy sheriff) from an Office of the Sheriff who has shown unusual initiative and imagination in developing and promulgating traffic safety programs over the span of a career. A heroic or meritorious service act involving a traffic safety function is acceptable in this category.
Special Award to Governmental or Private Individuals: The award panel may grant a special award to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to highway safety over the course of a career.

Awards Panel

The award is managed by the National Sheriffs' Association. The selection panel is made up of NSA's Traffic Safety Committee which may or may not grant awards, at its discretion, or present special awards, as merited.

Presentation of Awards

The award recipient will be notified by June 1 each year, and will be invited to attend the NSA Annual Conference where the award is conferred. Travel and lodging expenses are provided for the recipient.

Qualifications and Rules

Candidates for the award must be a full-time paid officer or deputy sheriff from a city/county office of sheriff with a career dedicated to traffic safety.
The employee or civilian being nominated must have contributed to the highway safety program in their governmental agency over the course of a career. Long years of service alone are a consideration but not a determining factor. Equally, short service may be considered. However, the quality of the service or program is the essential factor.
To receive this award, the individual must first be nominated by a law enforcement agency, traffic safety group or official; and second, must be a full-time paid employee of a city/county office of sheriff or provide outstanding traffic safety contributions benefitting the office of sheriff.
An individual from either the public or the private sector who has made a significant contribution to highway safety would also be eligible for the special award. This award is designed to recognize the individual efforts of government employees, such as traffic engineers, educators, judges, prosecutors, motor vehicle examiners, etc., who have made outstanding contributions to highway safety programs and issues that benefit law enforcement and the office of sheriff.

Nominations must be submitted by May 1, 2018 to:

    J. Stannard Baker Award
    National Sheriffs' Association
    1400 Duke Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    ATTN: Ed Hutchison

For more information, contact Ed Hutchison at 800-424-7827 ext 326.

Who Was J. Stannard Baker?

This lifetime achievement award is named to honor J. Stannard Baker, a former physics professor at Northwestern University who made significant contributions to highway safety. A pioneer in crash reconstruction investigation, he developed this subject into a science by applying the laws of physics and developing mathematical equations to assist law enforcement officers in their investigations. The first books on crash reconstruction investigation were written by J. Stannard Baker and are still in use today.


J. Stannard Baker Award for Highway Safety Winners

2016  Sheriff Clint Strum, Grundy County, TN
2015  Sheriff (ret) F.W. (Wakie) Howard, Jr., New Kent County, VA
2014  Sheriff George T. Maier, Stark County, OH
2013  Sheriff Dennis J. Conard, Scott County IA
          Mrs. Joanne E. Thomka, Director, National Traffic Law Center
2012  Sheriff Charles Jett, Stafford County, VA
2011  Sheriff Dwight E. Radcliff, Pickaway County, OH
2010  Sheriff John Whetsel, Oklahoma County, OK
2009  Sergeant Chris Gonzalez, Collier County, FL
2008  Sergeant Joseph T. VanSeeters, Harford County, MD
2007  Captain Chris Looney, Franklin County, GA
2006 Sergeant Lee Scott Bailey, New Kent County, VA
2005 Sergeant Larry Savedge, Osceola County, FL
2004 Sergeant John F. D'Eredita, Onondaga County, NY
2003 Captain Todd Diaz, Lafourche Parish, LA
2002 Master Deputy William T. Belvin, Rowan County, NC
2001 Major Wayne Hannah, Fayette County, GA
2000 Sergeant David Hadley, Multnomah County, OR
1999 Captain John Diehl, Deschutes County, OR
1998 Deputy Michael S. Leary, Salt Lake County, UT
1997 Sergeant Carl R. Booth, Franklin County, OH
1996 Sergeant Kathleen Fossa, Pasco County, FL
1995 Corporal Norman “Butch” Whitaker, Ouachita Parish, LA
1994 Sergeant Yvonne Schull, Orange County, CA
1993 Lieutenant Randy Garrett, Clarendon County SC
1992 Sheriff James R. Metts, Lexington County, SC
1991 Sheriff Henry C. Zavislak, Jackson County, MI
1990 No Award Given
1989 No Award Given
1988 Sheriff George Hendle and Mr. George B. Corson, McHenry County, IL
1987 No Award Given
1986 Sheriff James Black, Larimer County, CO
1985 Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown, Greenville County, SC