Reserve Deputy of the Year Award

2016 Reserve Deputy Sheriff of the Year

Lieutenant Anthony “Tony” Ardizzone 

Marion County, Indiana

In the 1990’s, Lieutenant Tony Ardizzone was commander of the Marion County, Indiana Sheriff’s Office Reserve Section. As such, he was responsible for leading approximately 120 men and women and during this time he saved thousands of taxpayer dollars within Marion County. Lt. Ardizzone retired in 1996 but continued to remain a strong supporter and advocate of his law enforcement officer friends throughout the city. 

In December of 2014, Marion County Sheriff John Layton reached out to his long-term friend and urged him to come “home” to serve his community, which he so loves. 

Lt. Ardizzone and Sheriff Layton began exploring how they could reach Indiana youth and leave a lasting footprint for generations to come. Thus, the idea of a “Sheriffs Ranch” was born. Sheriff Layton asked Lt. Ardizzone to begin the process of finding and purchasing a large piece of real estate suited for their purpose, one that would also be accessible to all the other sheriff’s offices of Indiana. Together, Sheriff Layton and Lt. Adrizzone vetted numerous properties throughout the state, and after a year they finally found a 62 acre parcel in Brazil, Indiana. Lt. Ardizzone diligently went forward and the deal was struck to purchase the Indiana Sheriff’s Ranch in early November 2015. 

Using his resources as a highly successful businessman, Lt. Ardizzone not only agreed to purchase this valuable property with his own funds he is also committed to funding the construction of this site, with the sole intent of eventually deeding the land to the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association.   

What started as a vision is now becoming a reality, and the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association will be the beneficiary of a ranch where Indiana’s wayward youth may find mentorship and form lasting bonds. The positive influence of such an environment will hopefully give Indiana’s underprivileged children and young adults some of the tools they need to become successful adults. 

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