Calendar of events

April 15, 2021 WEBINAR

Can you accurately read a situation and understand what’s really happening? Can you pick up on the emotional undercurrents that could be charging the environment?

Decisions and the decision-making process can be influenced by our emotions. Understanding how our emotions can influence our...

April 29, 2021 WEBINAR

When should you charge?  Is it Simple or Gross Neglect?  When does it rise to Cruelty?  Do you know?  Are you letting them slide when you should be charging them?  This presentation will examine how to make the call.  We will have interactive slides and interactive participation with a...

May 6, 2021 WEBINAR

The need for Community Building has become increasingly complex.  Motivational Conversation is a method where building relationships through the use of well-placed questions will lead to better relationships with the public.

The necessity for good relationships between the criminal...

May 20, 2021 WEBINAR

Public safety is fraught with stressful and tense situations. Your Emotional Intelligence can help you navigate these challenging situations effectively by capitalizing on your own flexibility, ability to tolerate and manage stress, and even your optimism.

During this webinar we will...

June 17, 2021 WEBINAR

Emotionally intelligent people have the ability to not only show or express feelings – but also to understand other people’s feelings. Whether your partner has had a frustrating day, or you encounter a community citizen who is angry – how you choose to react can determine the outcome of the...

June 21, 2021 to June 24, 2021 EVENT

September 9, 2021 WEBINAR

You are on a call and you find a lemur in a bathroom or venomous snakes behind a locked door.  What do you do?  What should you do?  Is it your problem or some nameless federal agency’s problem?  Exotics are everyone’s problem and the trade in them is illegal.  We will explore how to make an...

February 5, 2022 to February 8, 2022 EVENT

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June 20, 2022 to June 23, 2022 EVENT

February 3, 2023 to February 6, 2023 EVENT

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