Equipment Restrictions

Don't strip law enforcement of the gear they need to keep us safe

The White House announced the government would no longer provide equipment like helicopters and MRAPs to local law enforcement. 

Surplus gear -- purchased for billions with taxpayer money and desperately needed by law enforcement agencies -- will be scrapped.

Helicopters rescue runaways and natural disaster victims and MRAPs are used to respond to shooters who barricade themselves in neighborhoods and are one of the few vehicles able to navigate hurricane, snowstorm and tornado-strewn areas to save survivors.

Additionally, law enforcement now must submit to a rigorous regime of restrictions and conditions on items used to protect citizens.   

Tell the White House and Congress to give law enforcement the tools it needs to keep Americans safe. 

We are launching a campaign to stop the White House from implementing the ban on certain excess equipment and imposing new restrictions on firearms, ammunition, and other items we use daily to keep citizens safe.

We need your help:


Promote on social media

Map of sheriff's offices that have been required to return equipment.

Send us photos, videos, or news reports of your folks using Federally-acquired equipment to save and protect citizens; post examples on social media and alert local media on the dire ramifications of losing these items

Work with your state sheriffs’ associations and NSA to contact Congress to plead our case