Detention Sergeant Saves Inmates Life

On Monday, June 7th, Chief Deputy Shane Hilliard, presented the Life Saving award to Yancey county Sheriff’s Detention Sergeant Nicholas Hensley. This was in response to an incident that happened on April 5th when, Sgt. Hensley responded to an inmate housing area of the detention facility, due to hearing a loud banging noise. When Sgt. Hensley entered the area he observed an inmate giving the universal sign for chocking, he did not appear to be breathing, and was blue in color. Sgt. Hensley immediately entered the cell and began administering the Heimlich maneuver.  While performing the Heimlich maneuver Hensley successfully dislodged a piece of food that was obstructing the inmate’s airway. The inmate was then able to resume normal breathing. The training, experience, and quick thinking of Sgt. Hensley saved this inmate’s life.